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The Upper Floor is the greatest and finest when it comes to BDSM platforms. Users will only find high quality content in this portal and it is must grab for any BDSM aficionado. The platform is packed with lots of content and it is grounded on “The Story of O” and it is an archaic fortress where they transformed the top floor into a BDSM studio, which operates round the clock. Welcome.


The site is incredible. It comprises amazing features, attractive colors, and amazing content download options. The site design is pretty simple. There are no complex functionalities. The color scheme is rare to find. It comprises a red and black theme, and it is easy on the eyes and the brain as well. Upcoming live performances and latest updates are what you will notice initially, though. There is also a division titled ‘free cams’ and a community forum, too. There is a lot to browse through. You can organize the scenes and episodes by comments, date, or rating and there is a catalog of groups. The classifications essentially determine the age scale, ethnicity and bodily features of the girls. So as to receive a greater experience of what is ensuing at The Upper Floor, the welcome message offers links so you can find more regarding the armory and concerning the general mission of The Upper Floor. In a segment named ‘Meet the House’ one can look at the order, learn more concerning the several positions within the house, you will find a map of the upper floor and there are some profiles.

Actresses & Vids

The Upper Floor is an astounding platform and if you love BDSM or you need to take classes, then you are in the right place. The platform comprises gorgeous girls, hardcore exploitation, and spanking and every stuff in between. Users have access to many materials and there is often something ensuing in The Upper Floor 24/7. Motivated by the French sexy novel, The Story of O, The Upper Floor takes you to one of the most exhilarating 24/7 occurrences on the internet. This is no typical BDSM and hardcore adult platform and this is precisely part of the general charm and thrill. On the platform, members can experience authentic lifestyle BDSM with a real community of folks contending against one another and several Masters and Mistresses rule best for your delight. Firstly, the platform appears a tad irresistible. There is just a lot to do and see here, which makes it hard to select where to commence initially. As the site asserts, this is a 24/7 experience and the free cams are live feeds into the armory where the slave training takes place. Coming across any scene will rely on your geographical location and what time you visit. The armory is situated in San Francisco, which is Pacific Time. When not hanging around the free cams, there is so much to keep you engaged. During my visitation, I did find 300 Upper Floor films and about 400 raw footage tapes, which are essentially all of the live performances you might have missed. It seems like updates are trickling in weekly and live acts are every week. Downloads comprise a standard quality WMV, an iPod/iPad compatible choice and high-quality WMV and MP4 alternatives. The high-quality screen sizes for both formats is 1280 x7 20, whilst the bitrates for the WMV are lower than the 3200 Kbps to 5 Mbps of the MP4s. Nevertheless, either the WMVs or MP4s are worth downloading. Production standards are outstanding and sound and photos are crisp and sharp.

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In conclusion, all stuff here are wild and complex all together. They entail a suitable pick of photos as well as movies to download, and the live performances will exhilarate you in novel and artistic manners. In general, The Upper Floor is sure to excite any dude or chick. Join The Upper Floor today!

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
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4 stars

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