About Us


This is the page, which can provide you information about our team’s setup, goals and methods. In this About Us section you can find out the most important things about our team, and if you like the reviews we provide you with, you may want to know us better. So, read on if you are interested in us, and also read on in case you would like to join us.


We are not just considering ourselves as porn experts, but in the online world we actually considered by others as experts of reviewing. Some might think that reviewing a porn site takes only an hour or two. That’s plain bullshit, because we are not throwing together a fake review with irrelevant or outdated information, but we build our reviews from the morsels of info we can gather. We have on our team professional analyzers, who check the sites to find out if they are user-friendly and search engine friendly. We also have self-written algorithms similar to Google’s which helps us in this task. In fact, we could say we analyze the site’s Google does, that’s why we consider the Domain Authority and Page Rank of the reviewed portal. During our research for the best porn site for you, we also go deeper: we inspect the company that runs the website, and also we look-up the studio that provides the site with material. This is a time-consuming part, but while part of the team works on that, the rest performs other types of tests: usability and tour features for example. We like to get in touch with the webmasters, so they know that they are going to be inspected, and in many cases they are glad to give us a pass to the site. This way, we can spend time in the members’ area, and that’s when the fun starts. We are list-maniacs, and there are piles of paper in the office with our lists of pros and cons of the sites. Usually we try to use the sites like everyone else does, so we test the speed, the function and the features – including the download options, the usability of download managers, and the streaming options too. When every bit of information is gathered, we send the lists and the analysis to our team of writers. These girls and guys know how to write catchy, yet relevant texts from what we gathered for them. After they are done with the articles, we review them (all of us who participated in the reviewing process), and after we approve we publish it. There is a team of marketing experts, who add the buttons for joining through our site, which also grants you nice discounts. This marketing team is also responsible to squeeze out the best prices from the owners, and they keep the links up to date. On the personal site, you should know that we are very much varied.


We have a team of individual experts from both genders, and from the 20-45 years age-range. The team of the BEST-PAIDPORNSITES.COM consists of all kinds of people, including some more common folks, just as technicians and real nerds too. Though porn is a debated field, it’s a part of the everyday life nowadays, and we live our lives accordingly. We aren’t sex maniacs, and we do have a normal life, having family, relationships and problems too. It’s true that some of us have fetishes, but at least we can count on them when we are reviewing such sites. In the porn industry, respect is very important. We respect the models don’t matter what kind of porn they are doing, just as we respect YOU, our valued reader who seeks the best of the best. We sincerely hope you find what you are looking for with us, and that you are going return to us.