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Got2Pee has some of the greatest scenes of live pissing in public and awesome models.

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It is said that nothing in this world gets unnoticed. Every activity you do is seen by someone no matter how much you try to maintain a private zone around you. Now this fact is also known by the gigantic porn industry prevailing of the face of the earth. It is always on the lookout for filming stuff out in the open which contains an exotic and orgasmic note in it. If you think that it is a matter of joke then face the fact that there are porn networks out in the wild trying to get a glimpse of your naught deeds which you do in public and think will go unnoticed. Say hello to Got2Pee, a one of a kind porn portal dealing with the strangest and wildest sexual fantasies of millions across the globe. This is a porn hub which only deals with videos featuring live pissing scenes in public. Sexy and exotic girls who can’t hold on to their yellow fluid till the reach the washroom, release their urine out in public and the filming team of this particular porn hub takes the opportunity to capture the entire session from a comparatively close distance without getting noticed. You really need to check out this website to see the craziest stuff available in the modern porn world.


Got 2 Pee is all about live filming of real life pissing scenes. Once you visit the home page of this site you will find that it is decorated with the trailers of the craziest pissing scenes you will ever come across. The trailers are sufficient to make you understand what is coming your way. You will be offered with both videos and still images and in this website. Though the videos available in this site are filmed live without any pre-production, you will not find any shaky movements of the camera lens. The camera work is brilliantly done out here to give you a realistic feeling. While you watch the videos you will feel that all the exotic pissing is taking place in front of you. The video gallery will let you choose from the various parameters like latest videos, most liked and most commented. The site allows you to leave your comment below each video as each and every remark you make counts. You can subscribe yourself to the newsletter and also find the live feeds and updates of this porn network on social networking sites. You can also put in your desired keyword in the search bar and can expect to get the result displayed in front of you in the blink of an eye. This site is a mixed bad where you will find both real life filming and also acted pissing scenes. Check out the gallery and you will be stunned to find out the various back drops where these divas drop down their panties, spread their legs and excrete out the hot fluid. These are mind-blowing scenes which you will come across and will entice more than that of mainstream fucking and sucking scenes. You can check out the trailer section before watching or downaloading the full movies. See it by streaming or enjoying it offline after downloading, you will be provided with the same amount of joy and satisfaction. The backdrop of each scene shifts from a forest to an empty alley and much more. The videos will make you believe that girls nowadays can piss in every god damn place they feel like, exhibiting their glory hole, and they give a damn if someone watches them over. Enrolling yourself is the only thing which keeps you away from availing all these naughty yet erotic videos. Check out the section in the site which offers an online form which needs to get filled. Put in your valid email id and the user name. Don’t forget to generate a password for operating this site. Once you are done with providing the details you may move forwarding to the section which allows you to choose the tariff plan bundles. There are four kinds of packages of bundles you will find here and you may choose any one you feel like. The longer packages you choose you need to pay more. You can start off with a lesser package and if you feel satisfied with the videos you can extend your subscription by applying for a better plan. While you make the payment through credit card facility you can also check out what other paid members had to say about the videos uploaded on this site. Once you are done with the payment you can avail all the offered videos. You can even watch them from your smart phone or tablet while you are travelling or not in front of your computer or laptop screen. Check out the daily updates and the collection of new videos which gets added to the website. It’s more and more wild pissing you will get to experience when you start visiting the site regularly. There is a development team which takes care of the site and the customer’s satisfaction. If you face any problem while using the website this team is there for you assist you 24 x 7. If you have any query you can mail them, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You might be unsure of the fact that your hard earned money will go in the right hands. The developer of the site takes full responsibility in assuring you that the site provides absolutely secured and safe billing procedure.

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Got 2 Pee is all about wild pissing scenes. The natural acts of the crazy girls will set up your mood of seeing them excrete urine in the most erotic way. The videos have realistic backdrops which will make you feel you that they girls are peeing in front of you.

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  • 2 days $2.95
  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $19.99/month
  • 6 months $14.99/month


If you have a fetish for girls who flamboyantly piss in public places without giving a damn that who is around, then you must enroll yourself to Got 2 Pee i. Check out the video collection and enjoy the HD quality.

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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