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Fetish Network presents its most outstanding porn website ever. The awesomeness and fantastic smothering sex shows on SmotherSluts is just breathtaking and out of this world. Every single video in this website has the hallmark of excellence and professionalism written all over it. Nothing hardcore or erotic, or even thrilling comes close to the amazing fucking scenes in these videos. SmotherSluts proves conclusively that without ass licking and cunt eating, hot and thrilling sex can never be complete. Forget what the gay guys tell you; this is the ultimate excitement any girl could get out of serious banging. These are the types of pussy sucking and ass licking skills that make men leave their wives for hot sluts, that entice mature men, cute dudes, and even very old men. In fact, the kinds of orgasms that follow these mesmerizing acts are completely out of this world. It’s just spectacular, to say the least. How these guys breathe during the hot erotic smothering sessions remain a mystery as the chicks push all their glorious butts all the way out in great doggy style positions. It’s utter madness on this site. But not only the guys do these, even girls alike enjoy the taste and texture of the cunts and clitoris as they dig in their mouths to get a fill of wetness and serious creampies flowing out. It’s the most erotic thing you have ever seen before. Fat ass chicks in the 69 position getting their clitoris all eaten up by horny and crazy guys who just cannot get enough of mouth to cunt fucking. This is the height of oral sex indeed. The screaming, moaning, and twirling all confirm that these ladies are getting the best sex of their lifetime. It’s hotter than what we can imagine; one needs to see these great and spectacular smothering scenes to believe how intense they can get. For these chicks, it really does not matter the location. Whether it’s hot fucking and oral chewing in the pool, by the pool side, or anywhere outdoors; or its super smothering sex scene on the bed, on the couch, or even on the kitchen table; everywhere there is little space and quietude can be automatically transformed into hot smothering fucking. There are tons of videos parading the hottest Asian chicks getting their wet cunts and super-sized clitoris seriously eaten; there are also the hottest ebony girls with the fattest of asses here on SmotherSluts getting the best mouth to pussy fuck of their life. Likewise, the site is filled with videos of superhot blondes and brunettes screaming, yelping, and moaning as they rest their cute assholes on the faces of their male friends and lovers. It’s such a thrilling experience watching girls getting devoured right from they are under – and loving it. It is the one stop shop for learning the art of pussy and asshole smothering and as well the best place for getting super entertained with the best of sucking, fucking, and moaning. It’s a hot site for MILFs, fresh chicks, mamas, and mature ladies to all come find and enjoy thrilling pussy chewing sex like never before seen. Everything here is off the chart, taking hardcore banging to the very next level. The professionally scripted videos are expertly shot and recorded by the greatest porn video techies ever to walk the earth. This explains why every single scene, every single video, and every single DVD is in a class of its own; shining, shimmering, and dazzling the world with the best of hardcore sex yet known to man. And with a site like no other hosting these videos, you can bet on your cock that this site would never be beaten by another. It is the epitome and cynosure of all eyes on Fetish Network. And to top it all, SmotherSluts parades only the toughest, sexiest, and most creative chicks on the site. They have been tried, tested, and certified as the true porn queens that have taken hot porn to another realm entirely. That means viewers of SmotherSluts would get access to seeing the most beautiful and most talked about porn damsels getting their assholes and cunts eaten with so much relish. It’s an offer no one should miss for any reason.


SmotherSluts has not only revolutionized the art of mouth to ass sucking, it has also given us the most beautiful website in the porn world so far. This site is so masterfully built with all the right and necessary features to ensure that we all get value for our money. This Fetish Network site gives all subscribed users the opportunity of custom creating their own porn videos. So far it’s creative, hot, fetish, and filled with fun, the producers would get it published on the site. That gives users full access to the inner workings of the site. Loyal subscriber can also watch live shows on the site, as well as stream videos and DVDs in super-fast mode, and even download as many videos as they wish to – and keep for life.

Actresses & Videos

The girls on SmotherSluts are exquisite, pretty, and simply cool to watch. They have been rigorously screened and selected from a pool of the very best porn girls on the internet. This factor leaves the site with the greatest of porn girls to ever walk the planet. And with a mixture of professionalism from the crew, a badass website, great technology, and awesome recording equipment, the girls of SmotherSluts have come out shimmering and shinning like a million diamond pieces assembled together. They are simply fantastic to behold.

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It’s not too late to enter SmotherSluts and enjoy the fun. All the great bonuses and goodies are still on offer – though for a limited time. So get out your card now and join SmotherSluts; it is the right place for all the greatest smothering sex action in the world.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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