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What do you like the most about Latinas? Their sultry look is a real turn on. Or is it their tough and fiery attitude? Or is it their bombshell bodies just waiting to explode? Well, whatever it is that turns you on so much with a Latina woman, we totally get you because we love Latina ladies too! There is just something about them that makes them look really hot. Let us now move on to the review today. If you are Latina fan like us, then you would totally enjoy this porn site that we are going to review right now. We have actually found one of the best online destinations for Latina porn, so if you are already packed up and ready for this porn ride, then let’s go! This porn site’s name is Pussy Piñata, and it is actually the perfect place to find “the web’s hottest and spiciest senoritas”, well, according to the porn site’s own tagline, that is. This porn site is actually one of the many porn sites within the awesome porn network, Filth Freaks. This porn network features numerous porn sites featuring different porn genres. However, it is also a good resource of porn sites based on nationality like Pussy Piñata with Latina porn. Other nationality-based porn sites within the Filth Freaks porn network that are worth mentioning are Kung Pao Pussy (which is perfect for Asian porn lovers), Phat Booty Brazil (perfect if you love Brazilian ass), and finally, 18Interracial (if you just want a good mix of different cultures), just to name a few. The porn site and its network are pretty interesting, right? Hence, we would not further delay the membership details of the website. There are three types of full membership: a thirty-day, a ninety-day, and finally, a full-year access. Just complete the form, select the plan you wish to get, and you are all set to explore, stream, and download all of the content of Pussy Piñatas, along with the entire Filth Freaks porn network. Yes, that’s right, it would be like gaining membership for different premium porn sites, but just paying for the price of one. If you are still unsure, though, then what we suggest that you try out their trial membership option as well. It only requires a minimal fee, but it would already allow you to explore the porn site and its offers even further.


We absolutely enjoyed the overall design of this website. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, the porn site is overall, very visually enticing. Their background is not in a plain solid color like most sites, it is a picture of two of their hottest girls in the site. Next, their website is very easy to navigate around. Just the menu bar itself is always visible even if you scroll down. Below the navigation is the website banner showing one of their hottest piñata girls along with a short description of the porn site. The announcement of the next available live show may also be found in this area. Once you scroll down, you are going to see a high-quality trailer of their latest video. Speaking of their latest videos, you will be able to see them in thumbnails. And for further convenience, they have divided these thumbnails into two sections: the recently uploaded videos within the porn site, and another one within the network. You just need to click on the buttons that would allow you to do so in order to view the set of thumbnails that you want. And now, speaking of thumbnails, let’s talk about them. These thumbnails contain information that you might be interested in knowing about the video, such as the name of the scene (the title of the videos here are actually the name of the porn stars that are featured in it), the length of the video, and the number of how many there are if the scene has an accompanying photo album.

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The girls here are, of course, all Latinas – that much is obvious. However, that is also probably the only common denominator among these girls because they do have quite a number of different types of girls for everyone’s enjoyment. The reason is because they are also trying to maintain a holistic porn site, one that is not too focused on Latina porn alone, but also caters to other non-nationality related porn genres like anal, creampie, lesbian, among many others. This is because they really want to ensure that they will satisfy all of the needs of a Latina porn fan, to make sure that once you join their site you would not need to join another site anymore because Pussy Piñata is already enough for you – and when the time comes that it’s not enough anymore, you can simply explore the other sites within the Filth Freaks porn network that is also available for you to access as well.

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  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.95/month
  • 1 year $7.50/month


Overall, we really appreciate the efforts of this porn site and its network. They are really dedicated to keeping their members happy. We also like the fact that you would be able to find two types of porn videos here – the full-length movies that they present (sometimes divided into different scenes), and their special live shows. One of the things that we have noticed on other porn sites is that it is really difficult for us to catch and be able to watch the live shows that they present, especially if you live in a different time zone with the porn site. No matter how much we try to get the right timing, we almost always miss it, which sometimes lead us to think: “do they really offer live shows?” With Pussy Piñata along with the other porn sites that offer live shows within the porn network, Filth Freaks though, being able to watch a live show is really easy. Once you land on the homepage of any of their websites, the live show announcement can be easily found. The time of the next live show is posted and to make it more convenient, it is on the time zone that you are in! And this, my friends, is the right way to post a live show announcement. Great job Pussy Piñata!

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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