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Now I don’t know about you, but having a wild and sexy girlfriend needs no makeup! That’s the big problem with girls these days! They think make up is the best thing to put on their face, when in fact, the best make up of all is cum all over their face! That’s the lesson you’re about to learn here at Icumgfs! This site has it all fellas. All the pretty girls doing some really stunning and hot POV with the most pleasurable facial in the end. But that’s not all these girls do, they actually pretend like you’re an actual boyfriend! Yup you got that right! These girls are very attractive and hot that you’ll even dream of having them as your gf. But what’s really cool is that they make cum makeups a reality and look really beautiful on it! No joke there! These girls not only swallow loads of jizz, but even place them all over their faces!

Man these girls are just amazing when it comes down to it! And the variety of girls here is also stunning! You should totally check out the site before reading this review! Oh, I should also tell you, this site is also loaded with Amateurs. You know what that means right? More authentic moaning and less fake shouts! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I know you know in your mind that there has been a bad case of fake moans these days, that’s why this site has in its stock a load of amateur girls just ready to be fucked a jazzed on!


Inside the site, I immediately saw the design of bubbles all over the site’s background which is very nice and cute. But what you’d probably notice first is the cover picture that has girls all over it swallowing and being sprayed with cum all over their faces! But man, these girls are attractive! Seeing their eyes so craving for the cum just melts me away guys! Now going down, you’ll see lots of descriptive previews on the site, and I’m sure you’ll immediately notice how amateur these girls look like! Just look at their eyes, it’s like their scared or something! Moving down, they even have a record of the longest ranged cumshots, and hardest jizz records and even the girls that had the most facials! This site is really good in keeping an eye on its videos.

In the lower part of the homepage, the site displays a collection of pictures of girls and fucking moments and mostly with cums on their faces. Pretty much gives us a good picture of what types of sex scenes they’ll be showing off in this site! Just looking at these girls, makes me want to squeeze them. They are so damn cute and nice. Now if you go deeper with me a moment, almost in the last part of the homepage, there is a featuring of all the models that are top rated in this site. These models look amazing I tell you and we’ll be talking a whole lot about them in a bit! Now here’s another thing that’s worth mentioning.

If you think this site is all you’re getting if you become a member, well think again. The very moment you click on that finish registration button; you get full access to a bunch of bonus sites for free! Yes, my friends, as long as you remain a member in Icumgfs, you will be granted full access to all these sites. The bonus site’s names are Asian Sex GFs, Emo Sex GFs, GF Sex Toys, More Sweet GFs, My Sex GFs, Real Sex GFs, See GF Sex, sweet GF Sex, Black GF Sex, Porn Latina, Self-Shot, The Indian Porn, and The Futanari. All I can say about these sites is that they are all very exotic and erotic, and they all have some premium exclusive contents inside them, and guess what, you’ll be able to access all of it! Now that’s an offer you can’t get away from! Now another thing I like about this site is the navigation and optimization. This site is compatible to all mobile phones and tablets and iPhone as well, so bringing the site with you around the world would pose no problem! And the navigation with this site is super easy despite the fact that it offers a lot of options! All in all, an all-around well improved site!

Actresses & Vids

If cum filled Gfs is what you’re looking for, then this site is the one to be in. These girls wear cums like a crown I tell you, and the girls here also have lots of qualities. From ebony, to blondes, to redheads, to Asians, Russians, Hungarians, Brits and many more! With so many varieties, watching one video from another is like travelling around the world! And I like the attitude these girls show off in the video, acting all nice and shy at first and soon starts the craving for the cums! The videos don’t fall back as well. With the all new 4k resolutions, this site takes the lead and adds it in their arsenal. The video quality is very clear and crisp as well, that you may find it hard to differentiate the DVD copies to the steamed ones. That’s exactly how clear it is!

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Icumgfs is a pretty unique site in terms of girl varieties and bonus features. I have seen bonus features before but it usually includes sites from the same network, but in this case, it delivers sites from different networks which gives you a new perspective in each site you visit! And the website’s features and navigation aren’t pretty decent as well! With simple interfaces and options, the user would find no problem moving around the sit. I would easily recommend this site to amateur lovers and new porn watchers out there! And as for my verdict, this site gets the perfect 10 from me due to its completeness and feisty women!

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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