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Adult comics, great 3D videos, amazing characters and storylines and many bonuses are at your disposal on 3DAdultComics.

3dAdultComics Review

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As you can depict from the site’s name, the 3DAdultComics is a hardcore site, where you can enjoy browsing through a large selection of porn, and while you are here you should check the network sites too. These comics are made with 3D software, and they cover all kinds of niches, and some really juicy stories. If you are looking for hot porn, but you don’t like real-life porn too much, or you had enough of it, then give this one a shot. As the site has been online for over 12 years now, it really has a collection to show you. It was updated regularly for a while, but for some reason it stopped, and since then they didn’t added new stuff. But, the existing collection of over 2,200 hardcore comics, and more than 500 animations will certainly keep you interested in being a member here.

When you open this site, you will see that these videos are sexy, hardcore, and they are very far from reality – if that’s what turns you on, then you will love it. It looks like most content is exclusive, but there are videos and photo sets which seem to come from third party sources. The major part of the collection is exclusive though. The site is powered by the Sextronix, which means that it has a large selection of porn waiting for you as a bonus. There are about 10 sites included, and they all cover different niches, and offer you a mix of professional and amateur porn. When you open this portal, you are going to find it out soon that there are really many good things offered. Among the bonuses sites, you can find hentai collections too, and if you are here for non-real porn, then you will certainly appreciate those. You can also access some live feeds.


The 3DAdultComics is going to show you some bits of the actual content, but don’t expect too much. However, if you like to watch hard sex, and you don’t really mind if the porn you are watching is 3D animation, then you are going to love this. There are a few pages of the comics listed, but that’s all. For those who know what they are looking at, heading into the members’ zone should be the best option. The inner section looks simple, yet it has all the options you need, especially if you are looking for hardcore porn comics. The menu that’s on the top is the one you should use if you want to get to the different content-types. The other menu on the left has links to different sorted lists, and that has the links to the extra sites. Every picture set can be opened in the browser, but if you prefer slideshows good news is that you can save them packed into handy archives. The videos are nice, and you can easily play them in the browser, so they don’t require downloading.

Characters & Vids

There are only hot girls on the 3DAdultComics, and we think that’s exactly what you expect from a site with real hardcore comics porn. Though they are made with computer technology, most of the models are created with care, but there are some thing we have to mention. For example we find ourselves a bit bored with the huge breast. Okay, they are made up, but medium or perky breasts are also welcome – not everyone loves big fake-looking tits. However if you are looking for those, you are going to feel like you are in heaven. We understand that the girls are meant to be fantasy creatures, and they are certainly fitting that role. In difference with real-life women, these girls are acting perfectly, and they can’t overplay it.

You will find mostly humans on the pictures, but some elves also happen to appear. But there males are all different, and there are other humanoid species too, like zombies, aliens and werewolves. When you open the site, you will see that every girl is nicely shaved, they wear some make-up, and we have to say that their outfit are nicely done. Also, there are Black, Latina and Asian cuties created for the site. There aren’t much videos here, because as the site’s name tells, this is a portal dedicated to 3D comics with adult content. That’s why you will find here mostly picture galleries, which will prove to be quite exciting. In case you enjoy hard sex then you should browse this collection thoroughly.

Most of these comics are telling a story. For example, one of them tells a post-zombie-apocalypse story of a woman who was inspecting something, when two zombies came on her and fuck her like crazy. She lost contact before they came, but in the end the creatures let her live so she could come back for more. Another story is about a hot pirate who is digging her booty and gets fucked while she does so. There are some non-fantasy stories too, featuring situations like shower sex, lesbian BDSM, interracial sex, home-porn and a lot more. The comics are nicely done, though the stories won’t make much sense. They are all about hardcore sex. In case you are looking for videos, we are glad to report that some 3D animations are available, and they feature juicy sex, covering niches like anal, BDSM, interspecies – so all those things the comics also do.

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The 3DAdultComics has a huge collection, and we advise you to take a look yourself if you don’t believe us. There are over 2,200 hardcore galleries in there, and those 500+ flicks are also worth watching if you are into artificially created, unreal porn. These movies will certainly keep you interested, and while you are here, you should inspect the bonus sites too. With the two hentai sites you can really get what you need if it’s non-real porn. Those who want a mix of these two niches should give a shot to the site, since most bonus sites offer real hardcore porn.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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5 stars

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