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Whether you are a guy or a girl, it doesn’t change the fact that there will be a few times when you can watch porn. In fact, there’re a lot of people from both gender who are actually interested in watching those porn materials that contain girl-on-girl action. This is one of the various niche on the porn industry that actually shows how girls make out with each other. It can get really hot not only for the ones who are performing the hardcore girl-on-girl sex play but also for the ones who are watching the two girls get into the dirty deed. There are many horny girls who are willing to take another girl’s first time or even those girls who love to lose their virginity to another girl.

If everything that was mentioned so far is what turns you on, then there is one perfect place that you can visit online – Her First Kisses! Just like what its name suggests, you can easily figure out that this is a website where a girl’s first time is at stake. Of course, the site also showcases girls who actually love getting it on with another sexy lady. Through this site, you can open the world to various hardcore sex plays that only girls on girls can do. These sex plays include anal dildo fuck, pegging, solo masturbation, pussy eating, fingering, fisting, and a lot more.

In this lesbian porn website, you can actually get a lot of content that showcases just the kind of porn that you want to watch. Moreover, you don’t get to limit yourself to the videos that this site has to offer. Those videos that are under the ExtremeMoviePass network are also made available for you as soon as you get your membership to Her First Kisses. All of these videos and other porn content are of high quality so you won’t regret ever accessing this site for your enjoyment.


In terms of the navigation and the design of the Her First Kisses porn website, you can say that it is one of those that have a simplistic approach. Once you have your access to the site, you can easily go through the entire website without any problems. The tabs and links are appropriately placed. The banners are also specific for the niche that Her First Kisses belong – lesbian porn.

If you are already a member of this site, then you will be welcomed into the member’s area where you get to stream the videos in the archive. All these videos can be found right at the site’s home page. They are fitted appropriately and not crammed like what you would see in most porn website. The videos are the main feature of the site so you can easily find ones that you will surely want to stream. These videos can be downloaded as well. The formats for these videos are WMV, MP4, and Flash. You don’t have to worry about the download limit since there is none at all.

You can look for clips that are only about 20 minutes long while you can find ones that are about 40 minutes long too. Overall, the said site already has more than 500 videos you can enjoy. Aside from videos, you can read some latest news and even enjoy live cams when you are here in this site. More importantly, you get to enjoy the bonus porn content that are found in the bonus sites. Speaking of the bonus sites, these are all the ones that belong to the ExtremeMoviePass network. Examples of those sites that are offered as bonus sites by Her First Kisses include Flexi Fetish Girls, Crazy Pee Girls, Asian Hot Bunnies, Spandex Porn, Big Breast TV, Crazy Mouth Meat, Crazy Beauties, Only Girls, Fetish transformation, and many others. It is because of these bonus sites that you can enjoy an amount of porn videos that is more than what you can handle.

Actresses & Vids

This website is definitely one of the best places where you can get your lesbian porn that you can get your hands on. Checking the quality of the girls, you won’t regret spending even a single cent for the said membership. These girls are very sexy and hot even though they are actually lesbians who are only after girl’s body. They even prefer it when the girls they are playing with are ones who are yet to experience their first time.

These girls can either be blonde ones or black-haired Europeans. Some are redheads and brunettes. American gals and other ethnicity can be found here too. There is definitely a wide variety of girls to select from when you browse through the video archive of Her First Kisses. When it comes to the physique, these girls can either be the slender types or the curvy types. Some girls have big boobs while others have just enough for their partner to cup in their hands.

These girls can take on any hardcore lesbian sex plays that you know of – pegging, fisting, dildo fuck, anal, fingering, and a lot more! It doesn’t matter if these girls are actually having sex for the first time or if they are the one deflowering their partner – performing hardcore sex plays is just a piece of cake. You will definitely get hooked as soon as you stream your first video in Her First Kisses porn site. You just have to choose one that seems to be to your liking.

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Her First Kisses is definitely the top of the line when it comes to the lesbian porn websites that are already launched online. After all, you get to watch videos here on the site that showcases hardcore sex plays performed by erotic and hot girls. Even though some may be amateur girls, they are really amazing when it comes to sex. Their veteran partners will show them the way! You are not limited to videos in Her First Kisses too, you have the ones from the bonus sites. The membership for Her First Kisses is definitely a valuable purchase you can put your money on.

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4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
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3 stars

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