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If you are looking for diversity, assortment, combo, and variation, then you will find DdfNetwork the perfect place to do find some.

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DDFNetwork is home to over 2,000 porn stars, 14,000 videos, and a million hi res photos. You might be wondering what DDFNetwork truly is after reading that one sentence. Well, my friends, DDFNetwork is a mega site that houses 10+ individual porn sites and who takes on different niches, different genres, and different girls altogether.

DDFNetwork promises thousands and thousands of models, videos, photos – a total found in the 13 sites they manage. DDF Network was launched in early August 2009 by DDF Cash. A big name in the porn industry. They have countless of individual sites present like Fuck in HD, DDF Busty, Sex Video Casting, and Hairy Twatter. There are a few more but it will be a complete give away if I name everything, so I’ll leave that to you guys to find out.

DDFNetwork is your typical mega site but with more content, you know. It has banging hot ladies who engage in hardcore sexual activities like anal sex, the usual pussy fucks, intense orgies, gangbangs, threesomes, double penetrations, lesbian play, masturbation, tit fucking, sex toys, MILFs, European girls, and many more. You’d be surprised at how vast the genres seem to be stretching out. It is essentially a world filled with stunning and sensational smutty erotica and exquisite arousing delectation. Its primary niche revolves around Glamour Models, Hardcore Sex, and European Girls.

DDFNetwork is on the top of their game in the European porn industry with their amazingly produced scenes, their vast collection of photos and high quality videos, their gorgeous ladies, and their never ending features and bonuses. DDFNetwork is where you’ll find niche after niche to “fulfill your desire”, the site says. These raw and unparalleled scenes will awaken your sexual senses and have you cumming for more.


Being a mega site, the DDF network of sites has a lot of things to consider to make their grid less hassle and that’s what they exactly did. Their network is very easy to navigate through and the interface is very user friendly. The top links include the latest updates, a porn star index, a list of their sites, live cams, and an advanced search bar for smoother navigation.

Below that are a number of huge blown up photos of recent updates, where you can scroll via slideshow. A little more below, you’ll find thumbnails and details of their latest updates and then the categories that are available for all the sites. Scrolling down a bit more, you’ll find a list of their top rated porn stars, followed by their fresh new faces. Down to the bottom of the home page, you’ll find other links that will lead you where you want. You may also change your language preference there by clicking on the flag-like buttons. You can explore in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and surprisingly, Japanese.

Moving on, DDFNetwork has more 14,000 videos available. That’s the total videos of all 13 sites combined and that is quite a number. Some of these older videos have lower qualities considering that they’ve been around since 2006 prior to their launch. They started filming in HD on the start of 2011. These high definition videos (along with the low quality ones) can be streamed and downloaded in different formats. Streaming the video only requires you to have an updated version of Flash and you can watch in your browser with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Downloading them will enable you to save these videos in different formats like MP4 and WMV. The MP4 format supports resolutions like 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 960 x 540, and 640 x 360. The same resolutions apply to the WMV format. The photo galleries have an average of 110 photos each. You can download them in zip files. There are also live feeds available, VOD movies, deals to other sites, and plenty more to be watching out for.

Actresses & Vids

DDFNetwork has around 2000 models and counting. That’s pretty much the definition of “a lot”. The girls are mostly white but some are also a bit festive when it comes to skin color. Some models look like amateurs, some semi amateurs, and others are just plainly professional. The girls’ body types can range from being slim to being lean. From athletic to curvy. There are chunkier ones, as well. The porn stars are usually European based and some of them have really thick English accents.

Despite the fact that some of these ladies look like amateurs and semi amateurs, they still rock the socks and scan still deliver the steamiest of sex scenes. They love to take control and be controlled as their asses and pussies get filled with warm liquid, trickling down their sumptuous legs and faces. The productions are very well put and everything is pretty much very outstanding.

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If you are still thinking about whether to get a membership in DDFNetwork, I demand you stop all that thinking and go straight away to register and be part of this porn heaven. You will not regret any moment of it because besides the very high content count, you get very good quality as well.

If you are not a heavy fan of European ladies and hardcore sex (which I doubt is untrue, anyway), as soon as you set foot in DDFNetwork, you’ll be switching views in a snap. The mega site is very well put and although they have their erroneous moments, it becomes pretty hard to notice considering that they are a pretty old site and they house more than 10,000 videos and over a million photos. There is also no download limit and all the contents are exclusive. So, what are you waiting for? There is no need to “think about” whether you want to join in and have fun or opt out of it. You’ll obviously be missing out on a lot of things if you decide not to. With how the content number is put, I think you’ll have enough porn to last for a year or two. I am totally recommending DDFNetwork to everyone, as in every single one of you guys, because it is a chance too precious to pass up on.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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