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Foot fetish, solo perfomances, BDSM, hardcore and much more is what you will find on GoldenFeet.

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It is not that rare for some people not be able to live without ever accessing porn. They might be able to hold out a day or two without watching porn but they are unable to live a month or a year without ever watching one AV. That is only natural, especially if you have some sexual kink that is not of the norm. One of the kinks that can be considered as not of the norm is foot fetish. If you have this kink, then you have to find specific websites that cater to foot fetish lovers. The perfect website for you who is a foot lover is the Golden Feet. This particular website has a theme that revolves around foot fetish. The most important thing to take note of for this website is that there is only one porn star that you can fantasize when you have a membership to Golden Feet. This porn star is Lady Sarah, a 50-year old MILF who has years of experience sexually satisfying clients who have a fetish for long, slender legs and smooth soles. With her years of experience, it is only natural that she has a website dedicated to her own videos.

These videos are worth watching because you can be satisfied with the techniques Lady Sarah showcases – techniques she has cultivated and honed over the years that she has been working in the porn industry. Her techniques are more than just foot fetish. There are many other subcategories that are involved in the scenes that play out within each video uploaded to Golden Feet. Some of these subcategories include BDSM, blow job, tit fuck, and the likes. Lady Sarah is definitely that MILF that you will be leering at when you see her start stripping. She is also fine with using sex toys such as nipple clamps, butt plugs, vibrators, and the likes for sexual pleasure. It doesn’t matter if she uses these toys on herself or her partner is the one using it. In Golden Feet, watching Lady Sarah do her thing is the best thing that can happen to you.


Signing up to Golden Feet will give you the right to enjoy all of the website features that it has to offer. There are various benefits worth the money here in the website too. To start, check out the design of Golden Feet. With just the design alone, you’ll have a feeling that the website designer really cares for the users. After all, the design is made to be friendly for the visitors. It doesn’t matter then if you are a computer savvy person or not. You can navigate through the website without any problems. Everything is just at the right place, after all. If you go to Golden Feet, you will have a teaser on what you can get from the website – a slideshow of pictures taken of Lady Sarah. These pictures showcase the best assets that Lady Sarah has: her sensual feet, MILF body, and sex plays she can take. Some of the common tags that you should expect from this website include deepthroat, stocking, pantyhose, BDSM, blowjobs, sucking, licking, fucking, and so many more. You can even see scenes where sex accessories and toys such as butt plugs, vibrators, and nipple clamps are being used. In addition, piercings become visible as well in every video that you can find on Golden Feet.

Moving forward to the videos, you will also be happy with the video collection of the site. There is enough number of videos on the site already. These videos are of full-length. They are also of high definition quality. You can opt to download these videos in their AVI, MP4, WMV, and MOV format. The video archive will be listed via thumbnails and you just have to choose which one you want to watch. With the video, you will only be able to watch a teaser on the website. If you want to watch the whole video, you need to download them into your computer. Aside from the videos, the photo gallery is another feature worth your money here in Golden Feet. There are hundreds of photos already uploaded to the site. Lastly, the opportunity to get Lady Sarah as your escort when you want to is only available if you are a member of her Golden Feet website.

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The main point of the website is to explore every possible angle of foot fetishism. With this fetish, you have a number of kinks that you can pair with it to have a more sensual and erotic AV. Of course, you will need Lady Sarah to do her thing. She is the one who completes the porn recipe of the adult video, after all. Lady Sarah is pretty much more than 50 years of age now. However, that doesn’t mean that she can be upstaged by the ones who are still in their thirties or twenties. Her past experiences are what honed her to be the best in her craft. She can do more than just using the soles of her feet to sensually rub her partner’s dick. She can take part in scenes such as BDSM and threesome. She is even okay with lesbian play. There are no limits to what she can do, all thanks to her years of experience in the porn industry. Lady Sarah is one MILF lady that you will want to meet in real life so make sure you get a membership to her website as soon as possible.

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Many other porn websites exist in the Internet these days but you can say that Golden Feet is one of those that stand out. In part, that may be all thanks to Lady Sarah. However, it is also thanks to the video and photo content you can get your hands on when you have a membership to Golden Feet. If you want to sign up to a porn website that explores foot fetish, Golden Feet is the best website you should subscribe to.

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