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So here’s the thing. The website is more like your hentai websites. It has amazing anime series and graphics. Lots of sex scenes and great story concepts. But there is one thing that sets it apart. Actually two things. But before we go to that, let me tell you some brief history about it at first. The site’s name is PerfectHentai. As you may already have known, this site has all the best hentai anime out there in good quality and HD as well. This site has been around for a while now and has greatly improved over the years especially after adding those two new features. Well known DVD Series like Lingerie’s office, and Angel Blade can be found here in this website, as well as some erotic comics and manga as well! Many of the stories are so well written that these anime could not only satisfy the lust the members have, but also the storyline is very deep and interesting.

Becoming a member on this site grants you also several features, of which we’ll be talking about in the next paragraph. So if you’re still undecided about being a member of this site. Then you might consider giving this article a sit-down for a minute or two and see for yourself if PerfectHentai is the one for you!


The website’s homepage is stacked with anime videos that were in its most recent release. Many of these videos are very erotic and full of sex scenes that are even visible from the thumbnails itself. The site is completely decorated with white red and pink background colors with some checkered icons at the back. Just seeing all these elements blend at the home page could really turn you on. If you’re also wondering if this site has some free access features, well you’re in luck, yes it does actually. This site will give you free access to a whole bunch of sites like Totally Redhead, Wicked, and Exxxcellent. The two things that also makes this site quite unique from this competition is that it has flash games (it’s not very common to see flash games on a hentai site), and LiveAction Hentai Series and Movies! These two became the foundation and addiction points of a lot of its fans. As an added bonus, there are also CGI videos in this site as well.

These contents will be found in the following categories; Hardcore, Movies, Softcore, Flash Magazxines, Lesbian, Hentai Series, 3D Pinupe, Manga and Comics, and Japan Girls. This site continually expands every week with new added contents. So you’ll have no worries if you’re favorite series is not yet complete knowing that the next episode is just right around the bend. But if you’re looking for a community where you can comment or share reactions with, this site has a unique features called Streaming DVD Theatre. This offers its users a unique experience by allowing them to watch Anime and Movies in real-time. imagine watching your favorite hentai with a bunch of friends who likes the exact same thing. Well if it was REAL Porn, it might be quite awkward, but if it’s hentai, filled with rich stories and comedy, that’s another thing. So expect to have lots of fun with this feature as well!

Characters & Vids

All of these features will come to waste if the actual content is crap right? So after viewing a lot of its anime series and standalone movies, all I can say is, it has incredible storyline with animations fit for the modern years of 2016. I’ve noticed a lot of particle effects, macro and smooth framerates. I’d say this site has really harvested the cream of the crop! If you also take a look at the live-action, I promise you won’t be disappointed. They have actually, truly copied the very movement, character and even outfits of the anime itself. Hell, even most of the voice acting is the same! I love how they were able to remake it without disappointment. If I were to comment about their voice acting, I’d say it sounds like a copy from actual Japanese porn! I’m not joking. It really sounds like they’re feeling it in there. A real big turn on right there my friend.

Now this site has arguable the best hentai series all year round. But of course, even a collection of the best, will still have some top spots while others humbly step back in the backgrounds. So the top spots of this site has anime series Angel Blade, Servant Princess, and Karakuri Ninja. I’m sure you’ve heard about angel blade, assuming you’re an avid hentai fan. But have you watched the Live-action series of Angel Blade? I guess not. We’ll here’s your chance to see that nasty Succubus’ seducing powers in real life. These Japanese actors really outdid themselves in this one. Also, you’ll be seeing no censorship from this one. its pure fucking with no blurring whatsoever! There are over a thousand videos overall, all ready to be downloaded in 3 different formats; Formats: MP4 (1280×720; 3978k), MP4 (1280×720; 3978k; streaming), and MP4 (640×480; 1600k). also, if you’re a fan of High quality Pictures to be posted in your bedroom, or maybe stored secretly in your wallet, this site allows users to view and download over 5 thousand different hentai arts and drawings. You can download them by Zip files or through PDF. 20 pictures per page. There is no limit to your downloads so you can fire away those download managers however you see fit!

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Well I guess this is where we decide for ourselves if this site is really worth a try. The website itself really handles the users very well. One of the most advanced yet simplistic navigation system I’ve seen yet, and the design and fluidity of the animations and flashes through the website is perfect. Even the bonuses are big factor for this site. This site offers a lot of free bonus sites so there’s no room for boredom in here. Lastly, the animation and content is just astonishing. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for some good hentai or even some good porn for that matter! So it’s a yes for me!

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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5 stars
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4 stars

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