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The BoyfriendShare is a site which offers the visitors a collection of porn videos, which are claimed to be authentic amateur porn vids. That might be even true, because these guys are really cute, and they act natural, but if you stay around on the site, and explore the extras, you might find the lads in other hardcore scenarios. On its own, the BoyfriendShare isn’t a big site, but the Full-HD gay porn videos it offers are well worth watching. This site isn’t an old one, and so it doesn’t offer you too much to watch. However, these videos are astounding, and the guys are really giving everything into them. Though this kind of porn is hot, the site doesn’t seem to update too often, and nowadays, it seems that it’s a frozen site. Fortunately, there are more in the members’ zone that you would have guessed at first. The members of the BoyfriendShare gain unlimited access to all videos of a network of 10 sites (this one included). So, by joining the BoyfriendShare you become a member on 9 other porn portals, offering you a hot compilation of gay porn. On the included sites, you can find some that feature amateur-like sex, similar to the BoyfriendShare. There is one that offers you a regularly updated collection of BDSM porn with hot twinks as the submissive party. Most of these update frequently, and though some are stopped, there are some things they all have in common: they offer hardcore porn, hot twinks in exclusive porn videos, that you can’t find on any other sites.


The BoyfriendShare has a neat site, and though the content isn’t growing, you can still enjoy here some really fun videos. There are some trailers for you to use as preview for the actual content, and while you are at it, you can get the picture of what’s the main niche of the site. Since the site makes it evident that you get more if you log in, you should do so. After finishing the registration process, you land on the members’ zone’s home page. Here you can see the latest news, the newest flicks… and some ads lower on the page. The main menu is located on the top, under the banner. This menu has the regular options, though you have to pay attention: the Videos option is a dropdown. From the dropdown menu, you can easily access the videos’ list of this site, or of the included sites. When you pick a site – in this case the BoyfriendShare – you will find yourself at the listings’ page. There you can use a categories selection menu, and a search field to narrow down the list. And you can also select the site you want to search through. Several options are granted to the members’ of this site, so you can enjoy the scenes in your browser in rather good quality, or you can save them all as MP4 files. These two methods are ordinary, but they are quite astonishing, especially if you choose the highest quality.

Actors & Vids

The BoyfriendShare has everything you need, especially if you are looking for hardcore porn videos with hot twinks, and their boyfriends. The site seems to be authentic, and as far as we can tell, there are lots of actual homemade videos, though many of these lads are in the porn business, and that you can see in their performance too. The majority of the guys here are twinks. You know, those hot, tight lads, with fresh faces, hardly fucked assholes that fit around your cock nicely as you stick it in it. These lads are mostly Europeans, and it seems that the largest portion of the models’ list consists of British gays. It’s a bit interesting to see how many hot gays live on that island. Given the fact that the guys here are from Europe, you can expect to see here lots of uncut cocks – while in the US it’s almost natural to have a cut cock, the Europeans are not really into it. However, some well-hung, cut lads also appear in the scenes. You can rest assured, there are amateur-looking boys too, and the couples here make you believe that they are really amateurs, not just reality-porn queens. This site will be the favorite of those, who prefer twinks over anything else, since here they can find skinny lads with unbuilt body, while others have nice, brawny body with chiseled stomach and wonderful biceps. What these lads perform in these videos is plain hardcore. You can find here mostly two kind of porn: there are scenes where the lads are fucking each other, and there are dozens of solo scenes too. If you like to watch guys playing with their cocks, you will certainly enjoy browsing through this database. When the boys get on with it, they slowly start, and after a few minutes of soft teasing, they shake their cock until it bursts out a large load of cum all over their body. There is even more: on a few occasions the guy in the scenes takes a really acrobatic position, and sucks himself. Now, this is quite amazing, that’s for sure. Naturally, you can find here a load of hardcore videos, with these handsome guys drilling each other’s ass hard and deep. In the beginning, they naturally just suck one another’s cock, and when they are ready, they stick the boner in a hole, and fuck it quite hard. As you will see, there are dozens of bareback scenes too.

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The BoyfriendShare has a good collection, and it offers the visitors some very good porn to watch. Though not all videos are real homemade stuff, there are lots of those too, and while some may frown on this, the reality-porn is a very good porn-type.

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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