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HD Cartoon Tube is a creative entertainment porn site that features artistic impressions of human sexual acts stretched into unusual angles. The porn scenes range from simple artistic creations of hardcore sex encounters to a variety that sometimes involves aliens. As is the custom with many cartoon porn and comic presentations, the graphic images are accompanied by a series of speech bubbles that help the user follow the train of the author’s thoughts in a given series.


HD Cartoon Tube is a comic porn site. Therefore, expect some creative ideas when it comes to their presentation and layout. The site sports a predominantly blue color as its background hue. There is a clear sense of organization on the site. I was presented with a categories list that highlights what lies beneath the surface. I loved the set of nude comic figures presented on the home page. The captions are tagged and provide direct links to the actual scenes chosen. The site is fully accessible via mobile phone. Sorry, there is no streaming but you can download the crisp clear HD and 3D content that is available on the site. There is no bonus sites offered but the content provided is exclusive. There are varied clips of sex videos that feature comic figures in a broad range of sex stunts. There is plenty of nudity provided in the pics and movies featured. Although there is no search tool available it is relatively easy to move across the pages and sample the content available. Porn sessions are accompanied by storylines in the form of speech bubbles and background information so that you get to understand the scenes and enjoy them more easily.

Characters & Vids

The comic images are portrayed in crisp clear videos and pics. I love the variety of content available. The comic artist is filled with a wide range of ideas that feature impressions of normal girls in sexy stunts. There is a wide range of sex encounters provided on this site. I love the impressions of the comic people as they pose nude and engage in steamy sex encounters. You are also treated to these comic figures in seductive encounters as they engage in a series of episodes that culminate in steamy sex sessions. Some scenes also feature alien looking creatures in pursuit of sex with humans. I loved the lesbian encounters that feature figures of youthful looking females in hot sex scenes. They squeeze each other’s nipples and flick their cherries with marked enthusiasm. Some are featured in humping encounters as they squeeze and mount while they fondle and caress. If you love your comic porn expressed in unusual colors or even featuring outlandish creatures, you will certainly stretch your imagination impressively on this site. I also loved the anal scenes in which the girls are rammed deep into their asses. There are interesting romantic instrumentals that accompany some of the scenes. You will also love the way the comic figures are dressed. Some of them are featured in steamy sex encounters or in hot designer-like lingerie that holds their bodies in sturdy tight ways that you begin to imagine you are watching images of real people in real sex performance. There are many videos and photos that provide a varied range of normal and fetish type sex entertainment on this site. The videos can be downloaded to your local devices with ease.

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This is a creative porn comic’s site that seeks to provide users with a different impression of sex; even as the viewers are presented with some stretches of imagination to the alien world. The images are great HD types with an interesting twist. Users are treated to various series-based movies that evolve into long and interesting story lines.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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