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Repeating the act of watching fresh damsels fucking men or gay bareback lads fucking each other in the asshole can be tad boring and lose flavor quite easily. That is a truism no one can dispute. It is for this reason that a spectacular and one of a kind website that would appeal to everyone was created; it is for the elimination of boredom and weariness while watching porn that AsianBoyFeet was created. This unique and breathtaking website brings with it nothing but the best and most inviting from the lands of the Orients. The Asian hunks and twinks featured here are the best and most sought after amateur gay lads from Asia. They are the ones that have teamed up to dethrone older gay porn stars and replace them with exceptional cock sucking, asshole banging, and the most unusual feet fucking skills that rival Europe and America. Getting ahead in the vast world of gay porn is quite tasking and surely a herculean task; so for a site like this to be showered with praise and accolades, to receive so many 5-star recommendations, and be on the top of the list is no mean feat. It simply means that the guys playing out the scenes, the technicians behind the scenes, and the website carrying the videos are exceptional and of the highest standards. AsianBoyFeet has proven all critics and naysayers wrong; it has held its own and truly redefined what we know about gay fucking. Licking feet, feet anal fucking, cum on feet, and so much feet massage all culminate in breathtaking porn that would leave you stunned. The unusual, weird, and bizarre nature of the acts in these sex scenes all point at one single thing: perfection. Every single scene in the videos is perfectly timed, captured, and edited to bring out the best in the dudes on display. No dirty socks, no smelly feet, and definitely no stench; just clean, sweet, and romantic feet that would turn on any man and produce the strongest hard-on. No matter the size of the feet, no matter the length, and no matter its outlook, these guys lick and suck it romantically until the owner screams and moans for more action. It is a passionate and erotic thing to watch these fellows display such fantastic shows. The lads here are delightful, graceful, and awesomely gorgeous to watch. There are thousands of photo sets displaying pairs of smooth feet getting licked, sucked and massaged in extraordinary fashion. So also are there tons of videos that would wow everyone from start to finish. Feet fucking and feet to cock massage is amazingly sweet and sensual, to say the least. And this explains why loads of people come here on a daily basis to get their dreams and fantasies satisfied in a unique and thrilling manner. Once these twinks, emos, and fine hunks from Asia get into the mood to fuck, it is the feet they go after first. Carefully stroking and massaging it until the owner moans and jerks from the fun and excitement he is receiving. Nothing beats what these guys display on this site. Their talents and creativity know no bounds; their dare-devil nature and wild imagination goes far beyond this world. AsianBoyFeet is as thrilling as it is amazing; it is as romantic as it is erotic; and it is also filled with nonstop and breathtaking videos that are crisp, clear, and lovely to spend time watching. All these thrilling and erotic moments are caught with the best and most advanced HD cameras the land of Asia has to offer. These cameras and other recording gadgets are top of their class, technologically superior, and state of the art. Similarly, the website design and features on it give even more credence to the site, making it accessible and very affordable to all. All these put together sets AsianBoyFeet apart from the crowd; makes it the number one weird site in the world with all the finest and sexiest Asian lads showcasing the other side of homo sex. If you love weird, if you are unusual, and if you love to see something different and exciting; something the world apart from the norm, then this is the perfect homo porn site for you to enjoy from.


AsianBoyFeet is where creativity and talent meet with exceptional technological advancement to create a world class site that is incomparable and unrivaled in the world of adult entertainment. Right from the homepage to the last corners of the site, simplicity remains the watchword. Therefore, users find it very easy to navigate through and use. The colors are dazzling and beautiful to look at, the design is creative and in a class of its own, and the overall presentation is world class. Members also get access to four of the largest and most exclusive Asian gay porn sites once subscribed to AsianBoyFeet. It means full and unrestricted access to even more action packed videos, beautiful lads, and breathtaking fuck scenes. That is one bonus no one can look away from.

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All the lads featured on AsianBoyFeet are exceptionally talented and creative in their art of using the feet to make sweet love; in their solo feet sucking; and in their feet massage. It’s an art form that requires skill, patience, and time to cultivate. This is what makes them special and different from every other porn guys on the internet. The spectacular show they put on is unrivaled and unmatched even by mature professionals from America or Europe. These guys have taken Asian porn to another level entirely, making the site the toast of others coming behind.

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AsianBoyFeet is indeed a spectacle and lovely delight to watch. It is a place where stress is relieved, where fun is found, and where the best of male on male fucking is revealed with a bang, plus a nice twist of weirdness added. Nothing can beat this site in terms of content and quantity of videos available and added frequently. So, become a part of the house and enjoy the show. But you need to subscribe first; do it today!

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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