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Hardcore deepthroat videos. Throated is the best choice if you want to see amazing deepthroats and sexy chicks.

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A site dedicated to deepthroat, this is exactly what you will find when accessing Throated. Also, all girls on Throated participate in a contest, named very intuitively the “Deepthroat Challenge”, where your votes and the way they manage to satisfy their partner bring them closer to winning a money prize at the end of the contest.


The layout of the site is reminiscent of that of the MyXXXPass, but that is probably because both those porn websites belong to the same company. I spend a lot of time on MyxxxPass in the past and I can say that this sharing of web format and layout is actually a good thing. The visuals are great and the black and red theme really brings the erotic side out of those models. Because of the main theme implemented by the site, the navigation is smooth and cursive, making every visit a welcomed reprise. The site is mobile-friendly and very intuitive making it one of the best choices to head on when you are looking for good quality deep-throat porn. From the first glance over the main page of the site, you will quickly realize what the site is all about. Cute ass girls taking dick all day long in the name of a game they love and respect. On the first page of the site, you can see a big banner, lots of thumbnails, photos, and pornstars organized in sections, all depicting choky scenes in which they suck cock.

Actresses & Vids

The girls look pretty awesome and sweet. They all have a formidable appetite for cock and are not afraid to show it or take their passion to the next level. They are both amateurs and professionals alike, brought together by their shared passion revolving around dick sucking and deep throating. The videos are always under an hour long and bring out the most of every porn actress. Ruined makeup, lots of tears, and bedraggled hair are synonymous with this site.

From the moment you enter you see at least three or four thumbnails depicting girls that look thorn apart by both passion and struggle to overcome their limits when it comes to choking on cock. All recent videos are ultra HD, with a wide variety of format possibilities. This means that you can watch them in ultra high definition as a standard, but if, for whatever reason, you wish to view them in lower quality, you can do that also. Being that the site is so long-lived, if you wish to search in its archives you will notice older videos that were shot in the beginning and lack the HD quality we are so familiar with today.

There are so many videos to watch on Throated and with new materials being uploaded every day, there will never be a shortage of cum eating deep throat videos or pictures on Throated. Also, there are very intricate photo galleries that show just about the same thing as the videos do. At the end of the main page, you can access the photo gallery, by choosing one of the three ramifications available: latest uploads, most viewed, or highest rated. This is where you will find seemingly endless amounts of pornographic pictures that are so hot, that they should come with a boner alert.

All of this can be yours with a simple purchase of a membership plan. By clicking the join now button, you are automatically redirected to an account creating the page, where you can choose from four types of membership plans, ranging from 2-day trials to a full 12 months plan. Ass added extras, you will get weekly updates, full access to all MyXXXpass websites, exceptional HD pictures, and access to special offers that are available only to the site’s members.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $29.99
  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 1 year $9.99/month


Hot girls taking big long dicks all day long is the specialty of this site. All scenes are shot in Hi-Res and are very qualitative. Throated offers huge discounts and extraordinary extras, ensuring that you will get the best bargain every time you visit it.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
5 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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