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TeensInTheWoods is one of the best hardcore, reality porn site found in the world wide web right now. The industry has a couple that shares the same categories but I guess only a few could match up to this sex storm TeensInTheWoods has brought. With niches that include reality porn, hardcore sex, and fetishes, you are going to be watching the misbehaving ladies of the site having some fun lesbian sex in the woods, even after being warned not to enter. They are soon “found” by a guy called Ranger Rick but is he really what he claims to be?

Soon enough, one of the girls disappear making the one left out feel frightened, and then finding solace in an isolated cabin found in the woods. There, the dark and intense sexual activities unfold; one which includes plenty of BDSM and a whole lot more of rough penetration. TeensInTheWoods is a dark site that shows what happens to misbehaving ladies. This porn site is currently under the Fetish network and was launched not too long ago, late in 2016, to be exact.


The site’s design is what I would refer to as basic and functional. It is simple but it also exudes elegance in a lot of ways especially when it comes to their color scheme. They went for the darker theme and I think that fits the plot of the site quite well. Navigation here is certainly easy to use and adapt to, and the interface is really straightforward and convenient. Overall, the site is organized and filled with useful functions and features that will surely make your stay here more beneficial and easy.

The main page is filled with newly uploaded videos and they are all with descriptions, and their overall rating is shown, as well. The scenes are equipped with tags that will allow you to find other scenes of the same category simply. Speaking of which, browsing has never been this simple as you have access to a categories toolbar, a pagination link, and an advanced search bar sitting on the upper right corner of the site.

Each scene is also with a corresponding photo set and each set consists of about 85+ hi-res photos inside. The sets can be downloaded in zip files or you can always just watch them online. Having the option to save them individually is there, as well. Videos can be rated and commented on, and you can add them to your favorites, too. Having membership here means you get to access numerous other hardcore porn sites under the Fetish network for free. That is not a bad offer considering how amazing the things you get here are. Updates are okay-ish, since you get new videos up every week and all content here are exclusive.

Actresses & Vids

TeensInTheWoods has some naughty girls on their list and they are usually from amateurs to semi professionals. Familiar faces will begin to pop up especially if you are a frequent customer of the Fetish Network, while some girls are new to the porn scene. Either way, these ladies know exactly how to have a good time despite the dark theme they are going for.

There are currently around 15 naughty ladies in here and they sure know how to be slutty even in cases like these. The acting is satisfactory, considering that this is porn we are talking about. The ladies’ personalities vary and so do their physical attributes but they love being handled roughly and I guess that is the one thing that sets these ladies in the same wavelength. The theme and plot of the site is rather unique but it is also dark and filled with lots of good elements that include some very rough sex, BDSM, and some really hardcore fetishes.

The story is all about these two girls who tease and seduce each other, and then end up having sex in the woods. Ranger Rick finds them and it always ends up with the rough sex you are expecting. There are about 15+ scenes in here and they can be watched easily through streaming on your browser using an embedded flash player. The flash player must be recently updated for the scene to play out. You will get a 1920 x 1080 resolution and nothing less. The same resolution applies when you download the scenes on your device, and you get to save them in an mp4 format. Since the site has an unlimited download feature, you can save as much as you want without the fear of going over the limit. As such, since the site offers only the best quality, you will have to consider the size of the files.

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TeensInTheWoods is definitely hardcore and when I say hardcore, I really mean it. The BDSM happening in here is so deliciously good that I never even blinked when I was watching all the scenes unfold before my very eyes. Sure, the ladies are undeniably hot and gorgeous and Ranger Rick is not too hard on the eyes himself; but what really got my attention was how the scenes were so graciously filmed.

When you watch the opening scenes, you would think that this is not some kind of hardcore porno in the making. You would think it was some Hollywood thing. Yes, it is that gorgeously edited and captured. Of course, the action here is definitely one of the best in the entire porn universe, if I must say so. It is so realistic that you would never get enough out of it. For the most part, the videos are really long and yes, they are all in wonderful HD. TeensInTheWoods is not something you should miss out on. Be sure to check it out or you will obviously be missing out on a whole wonderful deal.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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