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Some girls just wanted to enjoy and have fun with their men. But some girls wanted to earn real money while doing such pleasure with easy money. This is not about selling flesh and pussies but this is about pawning amateur videos and convert it into instant cash. PawnYourSexTape is an online site that offers real money to those who wanted their videos be published in the internet. This site is very ideal to couples who are in dire need of money with lots of homemade porn videos kept in their closets.

PawnYourSexTape is a porn niche that provides exclusive videos of girls being nailed and banged hard with their men, gorgeous women who love deep throat penetration and anal sex as well. This site also ensures that all of their sex tapes are real scenarios and not scripted. If you want to see those hot and saliva-dripping videos, you must sign up as a member of PawnYourSexTape.

They offer a 1-day free trial membership wherein you will be given instant access to their 100% private homemade videos that are being pawned to them. Aside from that, they also offer 1-month membership and 3-month subscription. Once you signed up, you can earn a lot of advantages. You will have instant access to more than 5 affiliated sites in a day, free real pics and videos of these bodacious women and new sites are added regularly. You will also have free access to live cam girls with top-notch customer support. Daily updates are also available, fast streaming and download and offers discreet and encrypted billing.


When it comes to design, the site has a user-friendly interface. Upon opening the home page, you will easily understand what the site’s concept is all about. Each video has huge thumbnails wherein you can easily download the videos. PawnYourSexTape offers downloadable videos in several formats for device compatibility such as WMV, Flash, iPod/PSP and MP4. All of their videos are full length, multi-bandwidth with no restrictions. Each video has a running time of 20 minutes or less which is very fast. PawnYourSexTape also provides a wide array of pictures in their photo galleries. The site has over 100 galleries with 45 images each in a zip file. The site will surely give you a chill on your bones and stimulates that lazy libido in your loins. Once you watch a video at PawnYourSexTape, you can’t stop thinking and imagining what if you were in these girls doing sex wildly like a pro.

Actresses & Vids

PawnYourSexTape does not just offer private porn videos of couple but it also provides dream girls, fresh chicks and amateur women who really love to stick their pussies into these hard dongs. One example of this is one couple watching their naked bodies in a mirror while taking a picture of themselves. This fresh lad is never afraid showing off his fully erected cock just waiting to be drilled in someone’s hole. Her girl is just looking that dick and so horny to let that cock comes inside her. It started with a foreplay and ended up in a creamy bliss.

There was also a video of a fresh chick holding a monster cock smiling and can’t wait to drill it up in her vagina. She started caressing it, pumping, squeezing and give that cock a slimy deep throat act. Her man rewarded her with a hardcore bang doggy style. This girl moans like a cowgirl reaching the top of the Grand Canyon sweating and filthy. Another couple is also featured on the site which will give you premature ejaculation. This fresh man gently licks the labia and clitoris in order to give pleasure to his chick. That chick like the action and wants more cunning. Her pussy was wet while her man continuously pushing in and pulling out his tongue. She couldn’t stop the momentum; she grabbed the man’s head and widely opens her legs getting ready to escalate. She was nailed so hard with no air to breathe until they ended up jizzes dripping out.

Don’t also miss watching this one video featuring a woman on top. This video will give a crazy night and can’t stop holding your horniness anymore. This girl was an expert and she knows how to give an ultimate pleasure to her man. She started pumping his dick and gradually swallowing it. She licks it like a sweet popsicle on stick while rubbing her hand to make this cock harder. She cuddles her clit before she sat down on her mans’ dick. She requested for a closeup shot so that others will have the opportunity to peek. She rides like a pro, grinding and swaying her perfectly shaped body. Her man was pleading and moaning asking for more. He squeezes her girl’s huge tits and ended up exploding his juice into the girl’s hole.

These are just among the exciting videos of PawnYourSexTape but the site is offering more than 180 episodes about 20 minutes each. Each of the videos is in full movie with no cuts and edits. All videos are raw with intensifying action to cling on. Since most of the videos of PawnYourSexTape are homemade, it doesn’t mean it does not offer quality. The site only accepts videos that are clear with wide angle of the scene. Therefore, the site does not just pay for trash; they provide high quality types of videos for their patrons and new members. PawnYourSexTape covers various categories. This includes amateurs, fresh chicks, ex couples and friends with benefits. More actions are also offered including hardcore, anal sex, deep throat penetration, cunning and more.

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  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $0.83/day
  • 3 months $0.67/day


The concept of PawnYourSexTape is unique which you can connect it to the real world. The overall site is also user-friendly with lots of perks to enjoy as well. The site also offers downloadable videos in various formats, which is what the customers are always looking for. Hence, it’s value for the money and a great site.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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