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There are many websites which promise complete nudity but when you visit their website, you find that the end result is bits and pieces of what they promised. NIP activity is nothing like that. When they promise public nudity, they actually mean it. That is why they have managed to make a name in just three years which many cannot. This website features beautiful European women walking around in shops, around restaurants and popular tourist spots, revealing their beautiful and well-maintained bodies and giving the locals and onlookers a shock of their lives. Visiting the website, you can browse through their vast collection of movies all in HD formats. You will not find any sex or intercourses, just plain soft-core flirting or casual teasing. Touring the website, you will find numerous tourists, pedestrians and local inhabitants staring at these girls whose faces turn red due to embarrassment. The website is 100% genuine and render heaps of fun and excitement. The action unfolds right in the starting moments when these beautiful European girls remove every bit of clothing which covers their body. They erotically remove those upper strips from their shoulders, sliding it down their hips and thighs, unclothing themselves completely. And what’s more, they do it, in front of everyone. Their facial expression at the time of un- clothing is also to take notice of. It is seductive, enticing and full of naughtiness. After the uncovering, these beautiful amateur girls will boldly strut in the streets, teasing whoever shares at them or comes to interact with them. Just watching them, in action will arouse your titillation. The website is stacked with tons of high-quality videos, contents and pictures that they have gathered so far. In the videos, you will love the action that takes place but what you will love more is the different responses of the onlookers and locals. As these beautiful women come out of their pooled attires and begin strolling, you will find some old men in utter shock, tourists perplexed, onlookers clicking pictures, old ladies dismayed, dogs barking, cats calling and more of such instances. The videos are shot with top quality cameras, ensuring that you do not miss anything. A majority of their videos are shot at the requests of their members. But the interesting thing is a high percentage of denizens remain cool about it and after clicking some pictures or casual flirting, they normally get on with their business. These girls are also quite friendly and actively take part in conversations, mingling with the local clans and even walking with them throughout the city.


One of the best things about NIP activity is the design and features of the website. As you log in, you will find that the website is extremely smooth in its operation. The menu bars and the categories are listed properly. As soon as you create your account, you can access through the website without headaches. You will find all the important details that will assist you in finding out your desirable video. The user interface of the website is easy, and its easily navigable options make way for smooth scanning of the website. Another amazing thing is that you will get video previews that will enlighten you about the quality and content of the video. This is quite cool as it will help you to choose which movie you want to download or stream. Due to the smart suggestions which the NIP web page provides depending on your previous searches and preferences, you will get the type of videos that you like. The membership procedures are also very simple. All you have to do is click on the sign-up page and immediately, you will be transferred over to the membership page and on entering the asked information, your membership span will be active. For the payment, you will have to pay your subscription via the credit card payment mode.

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The website platform is recently updated, and you will find that the quality provided quite impressive. Each of the outings is cut into short segments, and they can be saved in both HD as well as in non-HD formats. If you prefer watching them online, you can also stream live and watch it directly using a flash video player. The high definition option comes in Windows Media and Quick time files that appear to be fantastic. They have impressive pixel resolutions of 1280v720 and play at 5 mbits/ bit rates and Windows media file at 640×360 with 1 Mbit/ bit rate. The older video updates will not comprise of HD options. Instead, they will provide similar options smaller in size and with good WMV quality option. In the picture sets, you will get numerous sets for each outing, most of which are at 1338×2000 pixels in resolution. These pictures are big in size and look great. The older pictures mirror the videos and will be of lesser clarity, but overall are quite satisfactory. You can download the entire set in zip files or save them one by one in your desktop/laptop of on your portable smartphone. As already discussed, here you will find attractive European girls walking around naked, giving the people present a chance to share at their gorgeous bodies. These girls have natural bodies without any fake peculiarities something that you don’t associate with porn stars these days. Some of the popular names that you will come across are Nicole Vice, Victoria S, Antonia, Aiko May, Jessy B, Rihanna, Mona Lee, Sue, and many others.

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So summing up, the NIP activity is a website that will provide good value for your money. They offer cost effective packages, their videos are of high quality and the same applies to their contents and videos. The girls who walk around are like angels, and the accessibility of the website is extremely simple. Everything is right about the website. So considering all these, there is simply one thing left for you to do and that is log into them ASAP!

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Video Quality
5 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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