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Exotic is the name of the game tonight, and while I was searching for new porn to watch, I ended up stumbling on a site which is full of Japanese girls that I was stuck there all night, and the next day, even. When I found nipponhd, I was really baffled, because it eluded me how such a good site could remained unnoticed, how I did not find it earlier. Why, you ask? Well, read on, my dear horny friend.


A black background greets you, but only for a microsecond, as it is filled with a grid, separating little windows, all filled with photos and stills from videos, showing beautiful Japanese girls, in all the right ways. Joined by the lovely red letters, which go perfectly with the background, and with the images, you are already getting the idea of what you could see on the site, and getting aroused at the same time. With the little frames showing you scenes from movies, you are able to see only a part of what awaits you inside. I was really fascinated with the content, so much, in fact, that I almost missed the fact that the site was done perfectly, and I don’t mean the stylistic part. The part where you navigate through all the sorted videos and where you have no lag is what I had in mind. Even when browsing from my bathtub, the site remained a dear friend in need, providing me with all the best Japanese porn with speed.

Actresses & Vids

If you like exotic girls, you will love this site. Even if you do not, you will be seduced by some of the nicest looking bodies I have ever seen. All tight, definitely fresh, with such innocent faces that you wouldn’t believe it when you see them handling three or four cocks at the same time, like it was no big deal. The beautiful Japanese girls are redheads, brunettes, or even blonds, tight pussies that get rammed a lot. Some of them masturbate to show you that the simplest of movements can get you so aroused that you would cum in an instant. Watch these lovely Japanese girls get creampied, covered in cum, or just get it on with each other, in a lovely, orgasmic fashion. Whether they are alone or having company, they know how to get satisfied, and how to satisfy you, as I my eyes were glued to the screen. The videos of these beauties come in HD, a crystal clear experience you would not be able to forget. With such lovely bodies and such sizzling action, HD is the only way to go, bringing a new sharpness to the already fascinating show. Watch as the hardcore action unveils between your eyes, just as the girls spreads her legs to take a big cock. Ride along with them, or don’t, you can always move to the wonderful image gallery and look at the pictures, radiant bodies are waiting for you. With the membership plan offering forty more sites which are updated daily, and seeing how that would make you never run out of porn, I would definitely not wait any longer, and just go with it.

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Join in the Japanese fun, have yourself satisfied in such a way, that you would not forget it soon. My visit to nipponhd ended up in me being a loyal member of the best Japanese hardcore action out there. HD videos and photos are just the start, when you see the girls you will go crazy, especially when seeing all the skills they have. Add to your collection forty more sites that come free with this one, and become a proud member of a lot of great porn.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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