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JapaneseFlashers is a unique site that has a lot to offer, it will give you the voyeurism experience that you will never forget.

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By now, you are already used to the pretty Asian chicks that you see on most sites getting down and dirty. The sad fact is that you can never have them to yourself but fantasizing about them is highly acceptable. As Asians are bold in nature, you can expect them to do lots of crazy things in the name of adult entertainment. The best site is the one that has Asian girls who flash their hairy muffs and all that goes with. This may not be the wildest thing that you have ever seen but the scenes are worth it. You will desire their bodies and lash after them. If you have been scouring the internet for the best content, JapaneseFlashers is here for you. If you find this site surprising, then you have not been travelling in the right places. JapaneseFlashers is known for the best type of entertainment that will be thrilling to you in every way. When these girls flash their intimate body parts in public, you will not want for anything else. All that is offered is pretty rare and I bet that you have never known a site as intriguing as this. Regardless of whether you are hoping to see shaved pubes, those that are bald or jiggly boobs in your face, you will find it all here. Any man or woman will highly appreciate what this site has to offer. However, do not think this site is about flashing, there are fucking scenes that have been able to spice things up and make you relish in disbelief. The videos on the site are of great quality. Even though they have been sourced from DVD’s, the site has still managed to present its content clearly and in a glamorous way. JapaneseFlashers does not lack in high standards. You can tell that the site has a highly skilled team of professionals behind it. JapaneseFlashers is also under a reputable network, therefore, you can expect to get bonus access to other Japanese sites that offer a number of fetishes. This even sweetens the deal because members have the pleasure of getting everything at the price of one. The content may be non-exclusive but the scenes bring about a lot of enjoyment. There is no doubt that JapaneseFlashers has tried to conquer the adult industry in ways that other similar sites have not been able to. It is safe to say that it does this exceptionally well. The censoring aspect of the genitals in JapaneseFlashers is nothing new. I must say, we would highly appreciate uncensored porn but then again, as we are already used to this on many Japanese adult sites, we have no option but to take what is handed to us. JapaneseFlashers is also one of the few sites that offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the content that you get. When a porn site is this confident in itself, you cannot help but be confident in it too. Therefore, the next time that you are walking down the Tokyo streets and during your stroll appears a click dressed in a skimpy outfit and you suddenly see her flashing everything yourself. This is not a dream, it is simply JapaneseFlashers going all the way to get your attention.


There are many things that will catch your eye as soon as you log into the site’s membership area. The scenes and best features of JapaneseFlashers are readily available to you. The only thing that you can do is use them to explore. Based on my judgment of what you get from the site’s design and features, JapaneseFlashers is really solid. The videos can be streamed and downloaded in DVD quality viewing. However, streaming will allow you to enjoy the best of HD scenes. Currently, the site has 124 videos, there are slow update periods but you will be able to find new uploads every once in a while. The videos have a decent run time of 40 minutes each. They are also not too huge, therefore, you will find it really easy to download the content. The site has interactive functions to ensure that you have an easy time getting around.

Actresses & Vids

You will be pleasantly surprised with what the Asian hotties on JapaneseFlashers have in store for you. Yes, you will enjoy them in full nudity especially because their bodies are delicious, with their private parts inevitably making you hard. I had to jerk off every time I saw one of them flashing their boobs or privates simply because they are irresistible. The girls were certainly not brought up well as they are lacking in good manners. The fact that they show off everything in the middle of the street means that they do not have an ounce of etiquette but this is what we really love about them. They are spontaneous and flaunt themselves wherever they can, luckily, they do not get arrested for public meandering. Anytime these girls are in public, they make bold statements and declarations. Often times, they prove that they are capable of doing what we are generally afraid of- going nude in public. Naughty does not even begin to describe what you will see of them. When they go out, they are often dressed for the occasion…or not, pun intended. You will want to spank them and fuck them at the same time. They will also teach you a few things about being outgoing. They bring brilliant entertainment and make JapaneseFlashers an adult site that is one of a kind.

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  • 1 month $39.99
  • 3 months $29.99/month
  • 1 year $12.99/month


You will enjoy the nudity and sexy bodies that have been presented to you in unusual ways. There are also high-quality scenes that ensure you always have a great viewing. This is why you should make JapaneseFlashers your one-stop shop for entertainment.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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