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Parodies are fun when there’s a new movie that has just come out in the theaters. It is also fun when the parody is about a well-known movie. It can be really entertaining and hilarious, especially when the parody makes fun of something in the film. However, have you ever thought of a parody of these mainstream movies in the world of porn? Bet you haven’t! Nowadays, parody porn websites have gotten the interest of porn lovers, especially since there are more and more porn stars that have gotten into the habit of mimicking popular characters and then channeling them into their porn acting.

If parodies are what interest you, then you have to consider getting a membership to Hustler Parodies. This porn website contains a lot of entertaining videos and photos that are all about making a parody about mainstream movies. Just to give you a view of what you can expect here in the site, think about movies such as Freaky Friday, Fast and Furious, Star Trek, Supernatural, Die Hard, and the likes. The starlets in the video will give their sexual take on these popular movies. They will role play the most popular characters on these movies and then proceed to hardcore sex. Most of the well-known female models here in the site are veterans so they know how to act as well as have sex at the same time. You’ll see a brand new porn when you visit Hustler Parodies. You will find the videos not only enjoyable but very arousing as well. Once you watch the videos, you’ll feel aroused immediately. You also have numerous features available for you here in this porn site. Aside from the videos and photos, other features will include bonus sites, live chats, model index, and so many more. These are only made available when you pay for your membership, though.


The website is as fun as movie websites. In fact, it has that same layout which allows for a better navigating experience for you. There will be a list of movie posters right at the home page. If you click on these movie posters, you will then be redirected to where you can stream or download the videos. The movie posters are really the same with the real ones – only that you will find the word “parody” on it and some words will be added to add a more fun vibe to the posters. When you go to the actual videos, you will appreciate the fact that they are full HD. These full movies usually run for about 20 minutes. It is up to you whether you will stream it now or download it for later viewing. The formats for these videos are Flash, MP4, and WMV with multiple bandwidths.

You don’t have to worry about finishing up all of the videos in the archive of the porn site since there are more than 500 videos already uploaded here. That number is still growing too. Most of these videos have a photo gallery of high resolution images to them too. In fact, about 300 galleries are counted already for Hustler Parodies. Each of the said galleries have 40 photos each. Aside from viewing the photos, it is up to you to download them. You can do so in a single zip file. As for the starlets featured in Hustler Parodies, you have the opportunity to get to know them more. After all, the site has a model index. This model index will allow you to sort the models according to their ratings, name, hair, ethnicity, and other categories. If you want to keep in touch with others who are in Hustler Parodies porn website, you can go and use its live chat. To make the most of the money you paid for the membership, know that you also get access to bonus sites with that. The Hustler Parodies porn website belong to the Hustler Network so your membership to Hustler Parodies will earn you access to the 20 bonus sites under Hustler Network. Some of the sites include Hustler HD, Hustler Taboo, and Hustler Lesbian.

Actresses & Vids

It can be really amazing to go to Hustler Parodies simply because the girls can role play any character you fantasize and realize the hardcore sex that you have only imagined before. These starlets are really veterans and you can see that in how well they channel the characters they take on. All in all, there’s actually more than 200 female models you can watch here in the site. They can be brown haired girls, brunettes, or blondes. They can be Persians, Asians, Russians, Brazilians, or Latinas. They can be A-cup girls or F-cup girls too. Basically, you have a wide range of girl types that you can watch when you have your membership to the Hustler Parodies website. Make sure that you take advantage of it by browsing through and checking them out.

The top rated girls that are worth watching in the site include porn stars Alana Rains, Aline, Bella Moretti, Anjanette Astoria, and Ashley Jane. Some of these girls only have one video in the site but other members have taken a liking to these videos and have rated it quite highly. Of course, most of the top-rated models have performed in more than one video. Watching them in their hardcore parody sex will surely entice you to masturbate at night. Getting to know the models that you have taken a liking to is possible. You simply have to visit the said model’s profile page and you’ll get your hands on personal details like the model’s bio, age, height, and sizes.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.85
  • 1 year $9.95/month


It is definitely fun to access Hustler Parodies. Especially when you want to have a fun vibe even when you plan to masturbate, you just have to watch the parody and you’ll laugh. Of course, it will eventually lead to some hardcore sex. If this is the type of thing that you want to spend your leisure time on, then you should make sure to visit Hustler Parodies.

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5 stars
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5 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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