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HotMoviesForHer is one of the best hot fetish porn sites to watch, with its limitless possibilities and wide array of niches. It does not just linger on the usual portrayal of straight porn, lesbian porn, gay porn, transvestite porn, or fetish porn – it breaks it down and makes it even better. The people behind this genius porn site built this foundation in the hopes of providing women their own comfort and pleasure in the porn industry.

Suffice to say, this particular porn site was made for the female sex. Of course, it does not necessarily mean that men cannot enjoy this not so little piece of heaven, in fact, men would grovel at the thought that such a thing like this exists. This adult site, that resembles a huge mega site but really is not, was only launched in January 2007 and has been winning awards left and right, even gaining recognition from famous magazines and shows. It is chock full of full length films and cuts, and so many viewing options, that you will not think twice about joining here. Its primary niches include video on demand, videos for women, and DVD porn. For the best porn experience you have yet to go through, HotMoviesForHer is practically the finest place to be at.


The site resembles that of a huge porn network but it really is just a normal porn site, only you do not pay for a monthly membership and instead get a good variety of options, that include getting the scenes via pay-per-view, renting, purchasing digital and physical copies, and even buying your time in the site. Buying time can range from minutes to hours and can actually be refilled later on as your minutes go low.

The navigation here is pretty easy to understand and use; the user interface is truly convenient and useful to the members of the site. If the links are what you are looking for, they are easily located in the top part of the site, as well as in the side. The site does not have any photo sets but who really needs them when you have thousands of videos to busy yourself with. Besides, video caps exist in here although they are not much.

Browsing here is an easy feat as you have the advanced search bar to use for detailed scouring, you also have the pagination link if you want to go through everything, there also is the categories page where you can easily choose the kind of kink you are into and the combination you want it with, and you can even sort out the content by their dates, ratings, titles, and popularity. Aside from that, you may comment on the films and rate them as much as you want.

The site actually has an online shop where you can buy physical or digital copies of your desired film (you will get the 120 minute one and never the cut scene). Since the updates are happening everyday, with numerous films being added, the site is growing rapidly despite the already high content count. Not only that, despite the absence of bonus sites, you get bonus archives instead.

Actresses & Vids

For HotMoviesForHer, there is a huge influx of both male and female porn stars. Of course, these porn stars can take on anything thrown their way so you will see these individuals getting it on in naughty flicks that will probably last for 120 minutes or more. You also have the option to watch the film via cut scenes; these cut scenes last for 20 to 30 minutes. Like I mentioned earlier, this site is fueled by its pay-per-view method and some other options that you can choose from once you get into the site.

Technically, this adult site is made to suit the taste of women and so most of the scenes here are mostly to target the female population. Men are welcome and I am sure you will enjoy it too. The site practically takes on anything from straight porn, gay porn, lesbian porn, transvestite porn, and a whole lot of fetish porn. When I say a whole lot, I mean a whole lot. The site is crawling with hundreds of fetishes, even those you did not know existed. Of course, all the scenes can vary; majority of the times they are hardcore, sometimes they are softcore, and sometimes there are solo scenes that you would want to indulge in anyway.

You cannot download any of the full length films or cut scenes unless you decide to purchase it digitally or physically. You may, however, stream the scenes in your browser with the time you have – just make sure you have your Flash player updated. You can either play it on low, medium, or high – either way, the video quality is satisfactory. In fact, majority of the videos are being uploaded in high definition and have a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. Your browser can re-size it anytime though. The updates are happening everyday and all the content here is exclusive.

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For something so huge, it comes as a surprise that I never got lost here. I knew exactly what I wanted to look for and I got it right away. This proves how efficient the overall function of the site is, which I find really good and convenient. Not only that, the quality of the videos is exceptionally good. Since the site caters to many niches and genres, finding something new or relatively old is never an issue. So many things can be done here and the features are great enough to warrant a recommendation. Overall, the site has exceeded its potential and is rather above satisfactory on all accounts.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
5 stars
Number of pornstars
5 stars

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