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If you dig animated girls sucking cum-filled cocks and riding on it erotically, or far-fetched scenarios which takes you to from the real to the imaginative world, then the website which you should cater to for your needs is Enchantae. Much like the name, the contents which are in the websites are enchanting. The story takes place in some unreal kingdom where queens and princesses appear equally sexy and their sex thirsts never run out. They wander around their country searching for any sex offering which comes their way. This comic is more of classical American type of cartoon rather than the conventional anime genre. The characters are quite interesting and some surreal characters also come into the picture. Characters include- trolls who are creatures having large dicks fuck the ladies whenever the come in contact with them, some baby aliens and also some horny feminine creatures who would the female creatures of the Hollywood movie Avatar a run for their money. If there is one constant thing which I found in the female characters while checking the website was- human or creature irrespective; they all have large boobs and figures which would entice any man to fuck her. These characters are unique and add more spice to the stories. The stories also appear to be interesting and some of the adventures which you will come across in the stories though might appear to be a bit over the top, but unlimited entertainment is guaranteed! The website has been operational since 2007 and from the first day of their service they have always lived by a code which is to supply contents which are inimitable and realistic. Well judging from the popularity of the website and the number of members which the website comprises of, it seems that they have managed to live up to their obligation rather well. One of the main reasons for them being able to keep their promises is their constant updates. Updates are important for the flourishment of any given website. It asserts the fact that the website comprises of a future. This website has that aspect covered and that it why even today after 9 years of their formation, they still have that popularity and respect in the eyes and hearts of comic porn lovers. The website as of now comprises of about 1000+ contents and all of them have a charm of their own. They are loaded with superb incidents and also superb sex action which on viewing will surely give you a hard dick to deal with. The website also comprises of a one-time yearly subscription with which you can use to set up your membership account. To know about the design of the website and ways to set up a membership account, carry on reading.


When I first stepped inside the website, the art or let’s rephrase the mesmerizing art which was in front of me left be spell-bound. The design was more of a minimalistic type but the graphics were simply mesmerizing. The website comprised of an uncluttered design and never even for a moment did I feel that it was overcrowded or packed. The materials were beautifully arranged. When you visit the website on the home page there are big and noticeable menu options which you can use to check out the part of the website which you find intriguing. The navigation of the website is as smooth as silk and those you do not browse the internet often, even they on following the menus will be able to enjoy the website and its contents. The pages which comprise one portion of the stories are of the same size and at the bottom exists some options which on clicking will either take you to the next one, the page before or straight to the home page or the page which you find when entering the website. The website also offers a free tour of the website. Honestly speaking this is a very good option as it enables you to check out the website properly even before applying for membership. Now coming to the membership, you just have to click on the sign up page. As a result of that you will be taken to the place where you will have to enter some of your personal details and click on the submit option. The website will dispatch a confirmation affirming the status of your account request and if it shows successful, then from that moment, you will be able to check out all the contents which the website has, both the latest updates as well as the older contents. The subscription is mainly of a one-time yearly package which fortunately also happens to be cost-effective. The website also gets constant additions enabling you to find more stories, more sex and more opportunities to shake your bones. The website has no slide shows but the pics are stunning in clarity and say if you desire to make it your desktop wallpaper, then you can download the pics altogether in one zip file.

Girls & Drawings

The images all appear to be great in clarity and the website provides you the option of downloading any number of wallpapers for your compatible devices. The stories are great for reading and the text and dialogues which the characters utter are also interesting. The best ones are obviously the ones during the sex scenes and they, just like the graphics, will play an active role in arousing you. The girls are super-hot and comprise of figures which will make any man want to masturbate. In the sex scenes you will also find usage of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators and the action in the stories will not just be restricted to the conventional man and woman fucking, but will also deal with lesbians and group action.

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The website Enchantae offers great value for money. The contents are awesome, the subscription is a one-time deal and the updates are great. So if you are a fan of porn comics, then this will prove to be a place where your desires will come true!

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