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If gay porn is your passion you should try DrillHim, a sensational new gay porn site that you will surely appreciate.

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Drillhim is one of the few options available in the gay military porn genre. A couple of new recruits getting drilled acts as the main theme and the action is as steamy and hardcore as it gets. Action is loud and  intense, just like the army.


Even though the site is rather new, it shows much promise. The military theme is obvious and the thumbnails of bad ass dudes sporting dog tags capture this best. Everything on the tour page is hardcore, but then again, it should be nothing less. The names of some of the scenes such as “Cum Drunk Soldier” or “Barracks Hold Down” add to the toughness, and really stand out on the black background image.

The navigation is easy enough, although missing a search function; the site relies on the fact that less content can be browsed fast. On a mobile it works surprisingly well for a fresh addition on the web. Streaming is the only option of viewing the videos and it doesn’t seem to have any problems either on PC or Android phones.

Actors & Vids

The idea of new recruits should paint quite the picture on its own. Since I’ve never seen familiar faces I can imagine all these “soldiers” are amateurs, at least for the time being. However, don’t think for a second you’ll hear someone complain of a pounding. Not that anyone can make much sense with their mouths full. Being bossed around and passed around seems the most common fantasy in this category. Don’t think you’ll see skinny, undeveloped dudes either. These guys are packing some serious dicks and rock hard abs. You know, the kind of muscle one gets in the military, working out, with other dudes. Not that I would expect anything less from some guys trying to make a name for them, in the industry.

The fact that videos aren’t very long and the absence of pictures are again clear indicators that they are the new guys on the market. Who doesn’t like new stuff? The lack of pictures is made up for in the form of thumbnails on the main page. They usually highlight the best parts of the movie. It’s admirable that even without the help of the best equipment they try hard to create military sets. The phony barracks and locker rooms seem more than fine for welcoming new recruits. I’m sure that with time, some new scenarios will be uploaded.

So far, the 15-20 minute videos are good enough. It’s sufficient to get you hooked and waiting for an update. The quality is high enough for an amateur production such as this and, even though there are no downloads options available yet, the streaming makes up for that. Even in full screen mode, the MP4s they provide will hardly show any drop in video quality. The audio, while it may be a bit intense in language, is understandable and sells the experience. I’m certain that as the site grows so will the number of membership plans. So far there is only a monthly option. Considering you can feast your eyes on the guys from the tour page, the absence of a trial period is understandable. Although there aren’t any extra sites offered yet, it’s not hard to see them soon affiliated with others.

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  • 1 month $24.95


All in all, these bareback studs deserve some views. Their passion is obvious and the overall quality of the site and video production will surely increase with more supporters. Also, I can relate to streaming honestly. Who has the time to wait and download porn anymore?

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
3 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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