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Czasting is one those sites that you can't miss if porn casting are what turn you on. Have fun with high quality contents and horny Euro chicks.

Czasting Review

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Czasting is a Euro site that ensures that they give their visitors a mandatory boner. They dabble in one simple thing and that is chicks that wish to get fucked in front of cameras, who doesn’t like that. The network that hosts this is named Mental Pass and there will be more mention of it further below.


When it comes to the design and features aspects of this site, as that is the thing we will look into first, the Czasting goes for functionality over pretty looks. Simple design solutions are the watchword here and you won’t deal with a whole lot of complexity that is unnecessary anyway. The layout is the all-time classic grid layout with thumbnails, there is some info present below the content.

In the video, you will get a lengthy description if you are into that. The visuals are also on the light side and you won’t see a lot of color or design details for that matter. The only part that will host such things is the header and that is it, the rest of the site allows you to focus and view porn, not the site’s layout. Navigation is done through the tags, manual search, search engine or the model index. All of these functions work and they work really fast, they won’t present any bother. You can browse this website from any mobile device since it is pretty responsive and reliable.

Actresses & Vids

Who doesn’t like hot chicks that want to try out new things? Czasting seems to be full of them and they always manage to lure in another Euro chick with some false promises in their office. The setup behind the site is simple, bring in chicks fuck them and never call back, oh and film them so you can enjoy. When we consider the girls there are two cases, either these Euro chicks are all hot or they only let in hot chicks, hmm.

Amateurs all the way are the only ones that show their faces here. They wish to ‘advance’ their porn careers and get a dick start with Czasting, luckily for all parties, there is always a hot hard cock to be sucked and cameras that will film it. Video scenes are of just the right length and they go up to 30 minutes of pure amateur action that will drain you of cum. In those 30 minutes, few minutes are reserved for the ‘interview,’ and the girls seem very eager to get on with the job and work their pussies out a bit.

When it comes to quality it is apparent that these guys are not amateurs and Czasting seems to invest a lot in itself so you will be able to watch high-quality amateur porn. All works seamlessly and you will always be able to view all the important parts in HQ. All content can be downloaded as much as you want, so if you come across keepers you can simply press the button and you will be able to save the video either in MP4 or WMW both in 720p. The stream is also unlimited and you can stream the videos in flash, also in 720p.

This site alone hosts around 80 videos of random hotties that love to fuck in front of cameras, but the whole network has around 10 times that quantity. Also, about 80 galleries are there as well, they come from the porn shots and will be a great addition to the scenes. Membership is as follows: one month, three months and six months memberships as well. The offer will give you more than the price you pay. You get 4 bonus sites with plenty of Euro amateur content that goes into the similar category.

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  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 6 months $84.95


If you are ever vigilant about Euro and amateur porn, come check out Czasting, it is one of the better if not the best site of its kind. They make up for the lack of content of the site in the plenty of content behind the whole network that you will get access to if you sign up.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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