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The BreedMeRaw is a recently re-launched hardcore gay portal, with over two hundred of breeding porn videos, and recently restarted monthly updates. The site also makes quite a lot of promises about quality, updates and bonuses, so here we go again into the core to see what we can find, and serve you with actual info on these claims’ reality. The first version of the BreedMeRaw launched in 2008, and it was going on with some really juicy stuff added regularly for a few years. They even changed the video bitrates for a better one in 2012, but the site came to a still after that.

However, nowadays the BreedMeRaw is active again, and it has a whole lot of goodies for you. With a few changes made, the site is alive and well, and it started to reclaim its place among the bareback portals, especially in the breeding porn section. There are new videos dropping in: the main frequency seems to be a monthly one, but as you will see, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you get here only one scene a month – usually 2-3 new flicks are added each month, so the growth of the site is considerable. You shouldn’t worry about the quality either, the site offers sweet Full-HD videos, and high-res digital photos added with them.

There are lots of bonuses included for you, so apart from the site’s own content, you can reach out to get a network’s videos. As member of the BreedMeRaw, you gain access to the site’s brothers, and their content is just as hot as the BreedMeRaw’s scenes are. They are all coming from the same company, the Mania Media, and they are part of the Mega Gay Cash program – there are 16 sites included. It looks like the sites are all getting re-launched with new design, fresh content and a few more features. You don’t really have to concern yourself with them though, since they are offering you good selection of hardcore porn, and they cover all the hot, and popular hardcore niches. As a regular type of extra content, you can also enjoy some hot live cam shows from a third party provider.


The site looks really hot. It has a mixed design of old-fashioned and modern elements, though the modernity is the ruling aspect. There is a simple menu on the top and some thumbnails listed lower. During the free tour, you can browse the site’s videos, the models’ list, so you can gather enough information about the content. The trailers you can watch are also really hot, so we advise you to take your time and explore the content fully. Fortunately, they haven’t changed the inner pages for a more complicated one, so after you log in, you will find it really easy to navigate through the site. There will be a menu on the top, which has the usual options – as a kind of bonus feature, you can add scenes to your favorites’ list.

The videos have good description and there are two types of tags: the featured models’ name, and the categories. You can perform a simple search for categories or models, thus the site helps you with narrowing down the results. The extra content is available from the main menu. These options are all available on the mobile interface too. This way, you can enjoy some hot breeding bareback porn on the go, without having troubles with actually accessing the site’s content. More than 230 porn videos are available on the BreedMeRaw, and it seems that after the re-launch, the site’s owners decided to make it into a streaming only website. It’s a good – but highly debated – way to ensure exclusivity and continuous interest from the members. Those who have an older account can still save the videos, but new entrants can’t do so. Nevertheless the streamed MP4 files are good to watch. They come at an approximated resolution of 900×500, and a few lower ones which you can choose to increase playback quality. Since the original files are in HD and Full-HD, the videos still look gorgeous. The photo sets are another area to inspect. These are usually high-res stills, at 1000p or 1500p, and you can view them in a slideshow online, or save them all in zip files.

Actors & Vids

The BreedMeRaw is the official site of Tyler J. Reed, a porn actor, director who has his own porn production studio. These scenes are all coming from his workshop, and this hot masculine man is featured in a few scenes too. But, there are many other hot hunks, who have their ways and either play bottom or top roles. There are some older guys from the 30-45 years old range; they look really good for their age, and their experience pays off – their scenes are intense and professional. Most of them are known stars, like Ray Dalton or Tyler Reed himself. A lot of amateurs and semi-professionals are appearing too, ranging from cute twinks to the sexy jocks.

The action itself is really hot, and though it’s not the high-end quality, the shots are done with care. Usually in-door sex is featured, but from home-like settings to gyms and a few outdoor stages everything is featured. It’s usually guy-on-guy fucking with creampies – and as a breeding site should the videos feature after-cum fucking stuffing the stuff deep down the hole.

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  • 1 day $1.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 1 year $8.33/month


The BreedMeRaw is a promising site. Some may frown about the fact that it’s actually a streaming only portal, but we have to say that these scenes are certainly really hot. For hardcore sex you don’t have to look much, because after you log in, you can start enjoying some hard and kinky sex. Bears, beavers, jocks and twinks are all featured, so it’s quite a hot collection of hard porn for you to enjoy. Just lean back, and enjoy the ride; you will find the scenes especially spectacular if you like breeding porn. Don’t forget to check the extras when you are waiting for the next scene.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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