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An awesome contemporary porn site, VirtualXPorn offers outstanding porn videos and themes that can be enjoyed with the help of appropriate VR gear. If you are not aware of what VR is, it stands for Virtual Reality, a technology first used in the gaming industry. It ensures that you enjoy your porn videos in a simulated environment, giving you a realistic look and feel while watching the porn videos in a POV format. It is as though you are taking an active part in the porn video, fucking the slut hard.

As you will see, to enjoy the porn videos, you will be wearing a VR gear, and it can include Oculus Rift, Google Gear VR or Samsung VR Smartphone. The advantage of using these gears is that you will get a 180-degree view of the room, watch the videos in 3D and hear in binaural sound. These technologies have added a new dimension to watching porn, making it more exciting and realistic. VirtualXPorn, with a bunch of others, has started a trend of providing outstanding porn videos with these technologies, at a very affordable subscription fee. This review has been written to help you understand what makes VirtualXPorn so popular and why it should be a part of your porn collection. So, go ahead and read this review and you will surely end up joining this site for your benefit.


VirtualXPorn has a very modern design, and the elements have been carefully chosen so that they have a unique place in the overall design of the site. What will arrest your attention immediately on entering the site is the beautiful and sexy slideshow that the site presents. The slideshow presents the latest and most popular videos the site has produced. The name of the pornstar, the title of the video, and the kinky acts they indulge in are shown explicitly in the slideshow. Above the slideshow, there is a header, with tabs to various pages of the site, such as the Videos, Photos, Models, Join Now and Members tabs.

The background of the header is dark grey with black polka dots. Below the slideshow there is a brief overview and description of VirtualXPorn. A list of some pornstars is given below the description, which takes you to watch a free trailer. The movies in VirtualXPorn cover categories such as Amateur, BBW, Big Breasted, Big Butts, Big Cock, Deepthroat and Facial. The tour page has about 8 videos with a title, the duration or runtime, featured models, voting by the users, a very brief description and a link to watch the trailer. Below this information, there are six thumbnail photos of the porn movie to the left, while a double image of the photo is on the right. The double image, when joined, will give you the 3D effect, for which VR technology is famous.

VirtualXPorn boasts of a modest number of videos, about 29, in its kitty. The numbers are less because it is a new entrant in the porn universe, but has been growing steadily with a fresh update every week. Four upcoming porn contents, the title, duration and date of upload are presented below the videos. The latest photo galleries section comes next, and features galleries from the categories presented above.

There are about 32 photo galleries with a minimum of 64 photos to a maximum of 249 photos in each gallery. The homepage ends with a list of pornstars modeling on this site. With a little over a dozen and a half models, you are going to be spoilt for choice when you check out how sexy these cunts are. Before we proceed to the next section on the girls and videos, let us check out the affordability. If you are wondering that this will be a costly affair, then wait till you read this. VirtualXPorn is more affordable than many other affordable porn sites. The annual plan on VirtualXPorn gives you significant discounts, and what’s more, if you pay by credit card, Verotel, a leading VR gear manufacturer provides you a VR Cardboard headset for free, and delivered free at your doorstep.

Actresses & Vids

VirtualXPorn provides quality VR-based porn content and you need not go searching for something as awesome as this, anywhere. VirtualXPorn has put up some fantastic porn videos, featuring some of the most stunning and sexy sluts in the porn industry. The chicks on VirtualXPorn are stunners and truly smoking hot. These sluts know what turns on a man, and are willing to give their best to let the men have an awesome time. Not only do the men have an awesome time, but also the sluts enjoy getting fucked in all their holes.

Think about it, the sluts featured here are the best pornstars one can ever lay his eyes on, and they include the likes of Daisy Lee, Loveni Lux, Cassie Fire, and others. These sluts have awesome bodies, and when they show off their wonderfully shaped breasts, you will only want to tear off their clothes and push your cock deep into their pussy and fuck them hard. Nipples, whether pierced or not, are awesome, perky and springy. Suck them or twist them, pinch them or tweak them, the result is the same, and the sluts will only moan and squirm as you do this. Pussies are trimmed or shaven, while cunts are pink and wet, and ever ready to eat cocks and drink cum. Asses are tight, but love to be pounded hard by invading cocks.

If these sluts intrigue you, then check out a video. It will surely give you the kick to jerk-off hard. Watch Flexi Aerobic Sex. Featuring bombshell Daisy Lee in a gym outfit, this video shows how flexible this cunt is and can stretch her body to crazy limits. It is evident in the way she spreads her legs to take a cock inside her pussy, or sucks the dick in a sexy aerobic pose. Sucking and fucking hard, she ends up taking cum into her warm mouth and all over her face. These videos are to be seen, not described, and that too through a VR gear. You will fall in love with such awesome contents.

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Let’s sum up the review. VirtualXPorn will surely make you look up to porn with a different perspective. With VR gears and realistic look and feel through a stimulated environment, you are sure to enjoy the best porn contents, at an affordable fee. Pay by credit card and get VR Cardboard headset free from Verotel. What more can you ask for? Join Now!

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
5 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
3 stars

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