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Pornography isn’t only for heterosexuals, gays also have their own porn niches and there are sites that offer them thousands of gay porn movies. However, at this time there is hardly any website that features Virtual Reality porn, made for gays… except for the topic of this review, the VirtualRealGay. A few years ago, Virtual Reality was only a dream that many developers and computer-magicians dreamt about, but the new millennium brought it into our lives. Since most of the people are heterosexual, and the largest part of the porn-viewers are males, the biggest studios started to produce hetero VR porn with amazing porn stars. The folks behind the VirtualRealGay has their own straight site too, but they thought of the gays too, and thus they launched this site. As the technology, the site is really new, but it’s updated regularly and since it’s the only site at this time that offers this type of porn, you should check it if you like guys, or you are just curious. There aren’t many videos on the site, but it can be forgiven, given the fact that it’s just launched this year, and it’s a 100% unique portal. Naturally, the videos you can find here are all exclusive, and you can’t find them on other websites.


The site offers multiple video resolutions, though you should know that these are large files, no matter which resolution you choose. Streaming is not possible, you need to save videos to your device. Usually three different qualities are available, and all files are in MP4 format: the resolutions are 1920×1080 (with two different bitrates), 2160×2160 and 3200×1600. You have to choose a format that fits your device. As you can see the quality is superb, and the videos themselves are nicely done; hardly any camera shaking happens. To play the videos you can’t use any old player, you have to download the VirtualRealPlayer developed by the folks behind the site. It wouldn’t be a virtual reality if you wouldn’t be able to do something more than just watching. Most videos are made in a way that it reacts to your head movement; depending on the video, you can look around in 120 or 180 degrees, but also some 360 degrees scenes are made. If you are a real fan of virtual reality, you could get some toys to make the experience more full: there are strokers and vibrators that the player recognizes; these make it possible to enjoy the videos without using your hands. As for the site’s layout, you can see it too that it’s a fresh and modern page. On the top of the page you can see a slideshow; and lower the page lists the supported devices and the videos. The members’ zone isn’t different, and since there aren’t that many videos yet, search engine isn’t implemented. There are mostly two kind of scenes, solo and guy on guy sex, so it’s not necessary (yet) to make it more complicated. Naturally, the site is available on smart phones and tablets too, so if you want VR experience on such devices, you can do so.

Actors & Vids

The VirtualRealGay has a nice collection, and it continues to grow every week. As it uses a new technology, the videos are quite good in quality, and the guys in them are certainly among the hottest lads of the web. What they do is astonishing on its own, but the things they do with you in the VirtualRealGay’s scenes are much more amazing. So, every bloke you can experience with your VR equipment is professional, and they are mostly the alpha-male types. However, they will certainly work hard to please you. As far as we could see, there are mostly Caucasian models on the site, but it won’t be long when some interracial gay sex happens… but you can still enjoy the nasty misdoings of ethnic hotties. These guys are certainly not twinks. They are grown-up, mature blokes, usually near or over thirty. They represent that type of gay, who look amazing with their worked-out body and large cocks. As you can see the men here exercise regularly, they are probably on a strict diet too, just to look this amazing every time. Since it is Virtual Reality you will feel like you are in the room with them, and touching their firm ass while your cock is in the middle might be an astonishing experience. Since doing Virtual Reality videos requires very high quality equipment, you will find here only the best picture quality you can get online. This technology is quite advanced, and if you have the right equipment you can enjoy the nasty things they do. There are solo videos, which feature these hot lads, as they play with themselves. They use their hands, and in almost all videos they get some tools to help them go off harder. These videos are good to watch, but apart from doing your thing, you are a passive person in them. The most exciting porn videos here are those that feature actual hardcore sex. Every video here is scripted, and though they are staged, they only refer to the situation, otherwise not much talking is featured in them. The sex in these videos is heavy, the guys are going each other quite hard, and since you are one of them, you are always in the middle of the fun. Most scenes here feature bareback sex, so if that’s your thing, you will enjoy these video way too much than you expected.

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The site is exclusive, and at this time it’s one of its kind. Since the Virtual Reality is a new craziness there aren’t many movies on the site, though it’s certainly recommended for everyone who likes guys and wants to try this. Given you have the necessary equipment and accessories, you can get a full gay experience by watching the videos of the site. With the regularly coming new updates, the site grows steadily, and it’s quite sure that the supported devices and the videos’ features’ numbers are going to grow.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
5 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
3 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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