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Everywhere you turn on Twistys, you keep finding cuties and hotties of the best quality, stunning ladies that would set your mind on fire.

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Spectacular; thrilling; fast paced; nonstop and intense; glorious; and gorgeous are some of the tags that qualify these amazing and wonderful website filled with the baddest chicks, the biggest cocks, and the hottest sex scenes in the history of porn online. Welcome to Twistys, the most incredible, most innovative, and most followed porn website in the universe. If it’s not found here, then it is not hot; if it’s not stored in the massive Twistys archive, then it is not deserving of your time. Every single video on Twistys is filled to the brim with action packed scenes, amazing chicks, the baddest guys wielding the largest cocks, and stunning scenes that would leave you awed from start to finish.

Since 2006 and up till now – that is 10 solid years – Twistys has continued to mesmerize and dazzle millions of loyal fans worldwide. For over a decade now, people have come to love this site; they have come to trust it as the number one spot for the most exclusive and authentic hardcore porn videos that make for stunning viewing and long term remembrance. This is no site for drab tube videos; this is definitely no place for low quality stuff; everything you see here is shot with high resolution cameras and state of the art HD lenses that can compare with the very best from Hollywood. It’s a site built to perfection and delivered in style. The high definition videos star only the very best and sexiest chicks in the industry. It’s an exciting site that features only superstar porn greats with the loveliest faces, the finest butts, and the prettiest bodies.

This is one site that viewers are guaranteed to be lost for choice. It’s a site like no other, one that is in a class of its own; the ultimate porn website in the world. The beauty of these hot models cut across nations, languages, and colors. They are the epitome of unity as far as hardcore porn presentation is concerned. From hot blondes to brilliant brunettes, to super redheads, and all colors in between, you get to see the most spectacular chicks whether in the spring, winter, autumn or summer, there are always new and more exciting videos added to this amazing piece of technology that would wow you and fulfill your sexual fantasies.

The damsels are always available to bring even more spectacle and sparkle into our life with new stunts, skills, and scenes of the most incredible nature. Each new month, a new Twistys model is unveiled as the special one of the month, showcasing all her escapades, adventures, and sex romp in grand style. That makes this site truly special and different from others. Also, all the super-hot videos shot and hosted since 10 years back are still available for viewing – all at a click of a button. With so many years behind, nonstop addition of banging videos, and more incredible features added again and again, Twistys has evolved to the melting point between the new and the old. While you can view hot videos from old, you also get to enjoy the brilliance of new technology used to present the site to the public. Nothing out there comes close to this combo. Having secured the services of the best and sexiest chicks in the industry, having provided the latest and most advanced cameras and gadgets, and having built the most robust porn website in the world, all is now left in the hands of viewers to subscribe and enjoy thrilling hardcore gonzo porn that would make them moan and ejaculate with intensity while jerking off to the exceptional sex scenes in the videos.

No doubt, others are trying to catch up, they are copying features here and trying to improve their sites; but that is the exact motivation that keeps Twistys on its toes, continuously evolving and becoming better by the day. Tomorrow is here already, Twistys has transformed the world of adult entertainment and given it a new meaning.


Having featured the best girls since 2006, Twistys keeps improving in the way it delivers amazing and thrilling porn to the world. It now boasts of over 3,700 amazing damsels showcasing their bodies and stunning men with hardcore sex. One unique feature of the site is its celebration of one Twistys Treat diva per month. It has now celebrated 129 of such, and counting. This is truly unequaled by any other porn site in the world. How do you consume 46,000 full length hardcore porn videos in a lifetime, minus the frequent updates and additions? Twistys is simply breathtaking and off the hook. You can follow the models and website via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. This way you get constant updates and new information on the go; whether you use tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Actresses & Vids

No other site can boast of the sheer size of Twistys’ archive. Almost 50,000 videos, almost 4,000 stunning and outstanding damsels, and even more additions daily. It’s simply mind boggling and unbelievable. The divas featured here are the top of the crop ladies of the best quality. Jenna Justice, Aliana Fox, and Maya Rae lead so many other hotties and sexy cuties in a world of nonstop sex actions that would leave all users breathless the whole time. They are fully and 100% exclusive to Twistys; found nowhere else on the internet.

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These stunning ladies have surely taken hardcore fucking to the next level. They have contributed more than enough to the growing library of Twistys, giving us spectacular sex scenes after another just to satisfy our curiosity and kinky desires. It is now your own turn to reciprocate the gesture by becoming a part of the Twistys family. Nothing would make you feel better than this decision.

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5 stars
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5 stars
4 stars
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5 stars
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5 stars

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