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The ThickAndBig is the newest setup of the GayRoom porn network, and it offers the viewers a fine collection of hardcore gay porn to enjoy. Here you can find vanilla gay porn with a kinky element in it, in the form of some quite stiff and big cocks. This site is new, crispy, and the content seems to be quite cool. Since it’s hardly a year old, it doesn’t offer that much, but what it actually has is really great. So, the site launched in 2015, and currently it’s still running. The ThickAndBig has a collection of more than 50 videos, which is quite interesting, because the site operates with a monthly update frequency. It looks like there was a strong starting collection, which gave the site a head-start. These exciting porn videos are all quite long, so you won’t be bored while you watch them. As every site of the GayRoom network, this one also grants you a bunch of extra stuff to enjoy. First, you get access to some regular bonuses, like live feeds, video caption galleries and promotional deals for other sites. Second, you get the chance to enjoy a collection of third party feeds, which may be streaming only, but they offer a fine diversion from this site’s content. Probably the biggest extras are the included bonus sites. The GayRoom network has 12 hardcore portals, and as a member of the ThickAndBig, you gain access to all of them. If you like to watch gay sex, these sites will surely satisfy your very needs. These mainstream porn sites offer the members a fine collection to browse, and the video quality is truly good at all sites. Every video of the ThickAndBig is unique, so you can only find here 100% unique porn videos.


Every GayRoom porn site shares the same layout and design. The ThickAndBig follows the trend set by the older sites of the network, and so it provides the eager audience with a large thumbnails listed throughout the tour page. Also the site makes it possible for you to enjoy five clips, serving you with some insight about the videos quality and of the nature of the sex in them. Once you enter the members’ area, you will find a large collection of goodies to enjoy. The menu will be on the top and you can reach every important area of the site from there. In case you like to reach a site’s content directly, you will certainly find the simple navigation of the ThickAndBig to be satisfying. All scenes of the ThickAndBig are yours to enjoy. There is a player window on every video’s page, and you can start playing the videos just by clicking on the chosen scene. Those who enjoy videos in an offline format played with their favorite player may appreciate the HD and – where it’s offered – Full-HD files. The speed is quite good, and the videos are on your hard drive in no time. When you start browsing the site, you will see that there are some really hot pictures in there. The photo sets contain HQ photos, and there are separate vidcap galleries too, which you can save in Zip format.

Actors & Vids

The ThickAndBig is all about hardcore sex and large cocks. These professionally created porn videos feature all kinds of hot guys, who are having hard sex, and at least one of the couple has a big cock which he can barely stick into the other’s ass. This site promises you a collection of porn videos which grants exciting hours for every viewer. Those who like to watch hardcore gay porn will certainly like the videos of the site. The blokes in these videos are all pros, and they are doing a really fine job. Since they are porn stars, they act and look as you could expect it from them. These blokes are all handsome and well-hung, and they seem to be the usual porn stars you might expect from a mainstream porn site. They have muscular body, and you can’t possibly find anyone who don’t have a tattoo on his sexy body. Since the site is part of the GayRoom, you can expect to find some of these blokes in many other videos. They are all quite hot, so if you like any of them, make sure to take a look at his videos on the network sites. As you might expected, these scenes are all staged and they are all professionally made. Though the main things to see here are the hot gay sex and the big cocks, the scenes all have a story, or rather a fantasy. There are situations like a working-out session turning into gay sex, and there are many other stories featured. There is hardly any talk in the videos so don’t worry, you don’t have to watch as these guys try to act. In fact, the sex in the videos is really satisfying and hard. First, the guys turn on each other with some caressing and even footjobs in some cases. You will enjoy every minute of these videos, and while you are watching them you might come to the same conclusion as we did: these guys really like to fuck. In the event that you are expecting bareback sex, we have to disappoint you. The GayRoom is a mainstream network, so the videos are all safe and the guys always use condoms. What takes place in these videos is plain hardcore, and it’s really satisfying to watch. Most blowjobs are exciting, but the anal sex is also very hot… and of course every video ends with cum shot.

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  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.79/month
  • 1 year $9.95/month


Naturally, a site with plain hardcore sex is always good, but when there is something kinky in it, it’s even better. This is true for the ThickAndBig too, because without the juicy and sweet big-cock sex in the scenes, it would be just another gay porn site. When it comes to quality, this site is a top name, and when you consider the additional stuff, the deal just gets sweeter.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
5 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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