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Spanish porn and eroticism are your things? Then you have to join Thagson and enjoy passionate porn videos.

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Have you ever been interested in Spain? How about Spanish women? If you answered yes to any of these then read on! Classical telenovelas is the first thing that pops into mind when you think about Spanish videos – all the drama and romance, the suspense and action – but Thagson’s videos are the kind of Spanish videos you will never forget. Thagson produces high quality Spanish porn to be enjoyed by everyone, may it be man, woman or you and me. Expect nothing but the best in this site as it offers the most unique experience in erotica yet. Their videos are a mouthful and almost like an aphrodisiac – you couldn’t stop yourself for coming back for more. Dive into a world of perfection as soon as you open Thagson. This is where excellence in erotica is at its finest.


At first look, Thagson’s website seems to not be your typical porn site, it does not even seem to look like one albeit the scantily clad women that are splayed on the page for you to see. It looks professional and very sleek which reflects on the layout and design of their home page. You get to see the beautiful girls that are associated with them and the way they are presented are concise and seek to highlight the best in the girls. Not only is the website visually appealing but the content is so much more! Thagson prides themselves with their productions and proudly displays their work and awards on the front page. They are first and foremost an artistic erotic production company as you can see in their type of style replicated on their movies as they call their videos. Each of their movies have a corresponding poster to match that accurately depicts what you would expect in the movies – elegance in most of them which is kind of the theme they go for mostly.

Their home page makes sure that you visit the best movies they have to offer. They have sectioned them in Our Recommended Scenes, Latest Movie Releases, Most Popular Movies, The Thagson Girls and even a little section about their Directors under Meet Our Directors. They also have a Behind the Scenes section where you can see how the production comes together. Their site is fully compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS smartphones meaning you can enjoy watching their videos anywhere and anytime. The site not only makes sure to highlight their best movies, they make sure to highlight their best girls as well. And we all know that the girls are always the icing on the cake when it comes to porn sites, right? They feature a good number of girls of all shapes and sizes – you can check them under their models page and their photos highlight the best in them. You can see the kind of kink they are into and how gorgeous they are in the photos.

Actresses & Vids

When you talk about Spanish women, what come to mind? Is it not the sheer sultry figures these beautiful morenas have to flaunt? Or even their sexy accent that rolls in the tongue. All these kinds of women are right here in Thagson. Tall or short, skinny or meaty – you name it! That seductive accent is a plus. Now, we’ve been talking about how this site produces some high quality movies worthy to watch in High Definition. With highly renowned producers like themselves, of course you would expect nothing but the best from them. Their videos are filled with enough drama and suspense in the sexiest way that will leave you gripping on the edge of your seat. Seduction is the kind of theme that these Spaniards seem to have mastered and you can truly see that reflected in their videos. As for the girls, you will expect nothing short of gorgeousness in one package.

One fine example of this is Sandra G who is donned top to bottom in tattoos that accentuate her lovely figure quite well. Her beautiful face truly shines when she is on the move and start grinding her way into your heart. With her jet black hair and shaved pussy it’s kind of hard to not love her! Next we have Tamiry Chiavary with those round ample breasts that are begging to be smothered by your hands! Watch as she does the cowgirls in the best way possible and feel that raging boner reach new heights. You could not resist her charm as well as she has the face of an angel with her big brown eyes that are sure to knock you off your feet. Lastly, we also have this dazzling blonde SoniaBaby with lips that are begging to be bitten into! She has a nice set of racks from the front and back so it’s really hard to tear your eyes away from this beauty. She has this certain charm that is very apparent in the movies she has starred in so you better watch them when you can! Thagson has a handful of male models as well, but we’re in this for the girls, right?

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To end this talk about how amazingly stimulating their videos are we need to talk about the fact that you need to be a part of Thagson. May it be by becoming a frequent visitor on the site, or becoming a fan that would follow the progress of their production, or truly being the best by becoming a member on the site – this site deserves all the attention you have to offer. After this lengthy review, you would be pretty convinced to watch and stay with Thagson. They are high tier with their productions and it tastes just as sweet as the American standard in porn. However you like your porn or women, you cannot deny how well made and how enticing their movies are. Erotica at its finest – this is the true reason why any fan of Thagson will keep on coming back. So what are you waiting for?
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Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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