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Nothing is more interesting than watching supposedly straight guys getting converted to gay in an instant. If anything, Str8ToGay proves one indisputable fact: there is some element of gay in every man, no matter how religious or political he may be; in the end, we are all gay. The fantastic scenes creatively shot and masterfully compiled on this wonderful gizmo of a website is simply breathtaking. Clean, clear, and crisp images showing us nothing but the very best of gays luring straight guys into bed and initiating them into a world of unbelievable goodies is great. Nothing is more alluring than these videos. Everything on Str8ToGay is about hardcore banging, about huge cocks, about tight assholes getting drilled, and about innocent straight guys getting their baptism of fire into the world of gay porn. Interestingly, once these newbies and amateurs get a taste of super-hot rods in their assholes, they never remain the same again. The pleasure is indescribable; the feeling, simply lacking words to explain; and the fame from professional porn fucking, simply irresistible to pass. We’ve all seen straight guys fucking wet and messy pussies, we’ve seen straight dudes licking and caressing huge boobs even without a single feeling; but we have never seen are innocent looking lads getting their assholes torn down by the largest cocks in the porn world; what we have never seen is the moaning and screaming of first time anal fucking; what we have never seen is the unbelievable sight of newbies sucking huge hard cocks of their friends, brothers, neighbors, and colleagues. It’s a site full of firsts in the world of authentic porn. The size of the cocks on display is simply breathtaking and out of this world. Who would have thought that ordinary men could possess such massive dicks under their pants and still walk to the office or play ball as if nothing is there. You won’t believe it until you see them by yourself. Str8ToGay is the home of some of the most popular names in the porn world, including, but not limited to: Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, and Tyler St. James. These guys, and their over 500 fuck mates are the dudes that transformed the gay porn world and made it more professional, more attractive, and even more erotic. Their firm and well-built bodies, their super huge cocks, their dexterity in making a guy scream for more pleasure, their ass licking skills, and their overall carriage when they fuck tight assholes makes them the gods of porn; the real kings who set the tone, blaze the path, and lead others into a world of special fucking and sexual delight. Exhausting the amazing gay-fucking-straight contents on this website is virtually impossible. That is because brand new scenes are being added to the archives day after day, leaving the site always fresh and full of breathtaking videos all for your consumption and satisfaction. Str8ToGay is the ultimate porn website with all the greatest stars that have dazzled us for many years now; mixed with these are many amateurs just learning the ropes of gay fucking. The combination is better watched than described in words; it’s simply mind boggling. This 5-star, multi award winning website has proven, once and for all, that gays are superior to straights. They have conquered the world of women and are reigning over the world of men at the moment. What else could one ask for from these gentlemen of the cock? They are awesome, spectacular, and genuinely impressive.


No matter how many gay porn sites you have seen in your life time; no matter the niche; no matter the porn star in them, you can never compare the pleasure to this magnificent site. The welcome page is packed with great action in numerous thumbnails serving as links to the main videos inside. One click is all it takes to get full and unrestricted access to these brilliant flicks. As a master in the game, and to keep blazing new trails for others to follow, Str8ToGay has upped the ante by shooting all its numerous videos only with super HD cameras of the best quality. These cameras are so unique and with awesome lenses to capture even the minutest skin freckles, sweat, and drops of cum that these guys produce. It’s a wonderful piece of technology that has revolutionized the world of gay porn forever, and Str8ToGay is surely leading the pack. These videos have also been modified to allow for seamless compatibility with smartphones and tablets. Meaning that you can carry your favorite gay site with you all around. There is effectively no more excuse about having to get to the office or home before viewing your super porn stars. Also, the whole archive full of videos and DVDs is available for download into memory cards or hard drives. No matter how many you think you can store and watch later, the archive is yours to conquer.

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Awesome technology, super responsive site, and the best technology combined would amount to nothing if the guys involved are not stars indeed. That explains why Str8ToGay have invested so much time, resources, energy, and creativity to find the very best porn stars in the world to feature on this wonderful site. They are talented, brilliant, creative, and full of adrenaline and testosterone pumping through their veins nonstop. These dudes make porn look attractive, inviting, and pleasant to watch. Even the amateur newbies are quickly co-opted to get into the frenzy and offer the best sex shows for viewers to enjoy. Gay cock sucking has never been this fantastic. The way these dudes handle the cocks in their mouth is simply incredible.

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To become the ultimate porn site in the world is no mean feat. It’s the result of hard work, creativity, and awesome videos backed by state-of-the-art technology. These are stuff that makes Str8ToGay tick. This is why you need to subscribe today and enjoy the fun.

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4 stars
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4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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