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StolenClips is an amazing porn site that gives you a huge collection of exciting amateur porn videos full of kinky and dirty sex scenes.

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One of the best amateur porn sites with great quality vids, StolenClips has been serving us with amateur XXX scenes straight to our plate. With this site, we can get over a thousand sexy amateur porn videos that are friendly to our pockets. The videos are not exclusive though since they are all stolen from other porn sites but still, porn is porn no matter where it came from.


Have you ever been to a porn site because of its excellent collection of porn stuff but turned around the moment you saw the sky-high membership fees? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there and it is such a cock-blocker most of the times. As heartbreaking as it may be, we just try to convince ourselves that the site sucks anyway. For most people who fell a victim of this tragic moment, StolenClips is a life-saver. This porn site from November 2013 is truly heaven sent because of its wide range of porn videos that a lot of porn freaks are dying to watch. It would have been easier though if these videos were offered at a cheaper price in their original sites but they don’t.

StolenClips, on the other hand, harvests these videos from their original lair and publish them in its collection. The good thing about it is they give credits to the main source of the videos instead of owning the video, which makes them less evil than what some people think. What makes StolenClips very appealing to a wider audience is it offers these juicy porn videos at a very cheap price. It’s like a dream come true to some fans.

Since it is advertising itself as a cheap site, I honestly was not expecting a lot from the site but when I visited it, I was surprised that I did not even find its design a turn off. In fact, it is pretty badass actually because of its logo. It reminds me so much of a traditional gangster with all those swag and graffiti. Moving forward, knowing that the site offers a lot of videos, I was expecting it to be messy and unorganized too. But I was proven wrong again. It turned out to be really organized and structured than some sites that I visited before.

It has a search tool, which helps you look for contents faster instead of diving individually in the pool of videos and photos in the collection. You can use a keyword or tag to look for content. You can also specify if you want a straight, gay or any type of porn. The homepage is divided into different sections, which separate the photos and the videos from each other. There’s the stolen videos section on top of every other. It has a thumbnail and some texts, which describe what the video was all about. It also comes with a rating, the title of the video, the model playing in the video and the duration of the video.

The same thing goes with the stolen pictures section. These are not individual pictures but these are albums. From there, the number of photos that are included in the album is also displayed. Aside from these stolen photos and videos, the site also has stolen live feeds. You can watch these live feeds straight from the source. However, with all these stolen contents, you cannot always expect the highest quality, but the site makes sure that the videos are decent looking. The quality is not consistent but none of them falls into the worst category though. Everything is still watchable and I like that part about this site.

The site updates regularly, so you can expect that the collection must be really big already. There are 158,000 videos and 13,500 photo albums in the collection. The photo albums are around 15 to 20 in a set, which is not bad. However, downloading the contents is not available on this site, not even zip downloads for the photos. But, photos can be saved individually though. The length of the videos also varies, but I usually find 10 minute videos that I really enjoy a lot. The quality of the photos also differs, but I found a lot of crisp and sharp photos that I have downloaded on my phone. Overall it looks presentable and working for me. It is a good bargain that for a cheap price, you get all these types of photos and videos. I didn’t have a problem watching the lowered quality of the videos compared to its originals as long as they do not look very pixelated. I was still able to enjoy all of them.

Actresses & Vids

The collection of the site is pretty big and I did saw a lot of girls from different parts of the world. There are white and black horny bitches in the videos, which I really adore so much. These girls are bombs and they definitely rock every porn flick in the collection. You can also find some of the biggest names in the porn industry here like Rachel Roxxx. I guess their videos were not an exemption from being stolen. Whether you prefer a busty or a flat chested girl, you will surely find it in the collection. Just be patient in looking though because the collection is really big. Unless you use the search tool, it will surely take you forever to find a video if you are very picky.

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  • 1 month $15.97


I am satisfied with the experience that I had with this site. For just a very cheap price, I was able to enjoy the videos that I wanted to watch for so long. If you’re after the models and the plot, and you wouldn’t mind the slightly different quality of the video, I will highly recommend this site for you. StolenClips is perfect for horny but in a budget porn fanatics.

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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