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Hardcore sperms all over the girl’s face. Yeah, I meant real hardcore, like, 5 dicks on all sides just facing that girl’s face and about to explode and then boom! You got yourself a wet face that just got an epic facial! That’s how they do it here in Spermglazed! In this website, it’s all about girls giving the most hardcore blowjobs ever to more than one guy. Like 3 to 5 guys sharing this girl’s face, and giving her the most intense hosing ever! You see, that’s how you get real satisfaction! Feeling the friction in that girl’s mouth as she sucks in the speed of light is just fucking awesome. It’s taking cock sucking to a whole new level. But it’s not only the cocks that get pleasure here, the girls here even suck the balls man!

Now, I guess I’ve given away too much already. By the way, if you’re thinking maybe “Cock sucking” is the only thing in this site, well you’re mistaken. Because this site also holds a lot of other exclusive content, and a lot of hardcore sex in bed as well! In other words, it’s all here! But its specialty is glazing those girls with cum all over their face and all over their body! Seeing them drenched in their own thirst is just fucking satisfying! So without more delay, let’s open up this website and see what makes it tick! So you better ready your cocks gentlemen, just reading this might make it hard for yah!


Now, first off, let’s take a moment and admire the design they did for this site. So the overall color scheme is red, white and black. Good colors since black and white goes well with just about any color out there. Now we have this epic cover picture. Man this cover picture is just so full of it, and by “it” I meant Cum! Seeing these girls hitting the floor with their faces ready to get it is stunning my friends. Now going down you enter this collage of all the most popular porn stars in this website. It just features them in a nicely artistic way, but what I’d really like you to notice is that right below it, there are Before and After types of pictures. In here you see girls before they get glazed by sperms and then in the next picture you see them all soaking wet with cum! Check out Niki Blaze here, this horny girl sucking cock from all 4 guys is now all drenched in cum. Man look at those cum working their way down the tities. Also, there’s this nice witty reminder that says “Warning: Extra Massive loads of cum Inside. These girls crave the glaze!” very nice. By the way, we’re still at the homepage. Scrolling down you see all the latest scenes from the site, arranged nicely in one line.

And next we got the Photo Page. Once you enter this page you’ll see thousands upon thousands of photoshoots masterpiece just waiting to be seen! Also there’s the Video page of course, which we’ll be talking more about later, but just so you know, this is what I was talking about earlier in the introduction. This site is more than just cum glazing. It has exclusive contents and full scale movies as well! So you’ll also be seeing lots of hardcore fucking! Now another thing to be impressed about is the categories. Man these categories run like wildfire! There’s just buckets of them! I mean look at this! It’s freaking ridiculous! Talk about super specifics! Well I guess it’s worth mentioning. The categories are A Year Up the Ass: Top Anal Movies of 2014, AVN Awards 2009, AVN Awards 2010, AVN Awards 2011, AVN Awards 2012, AVN’s Greatest, All Sex, Alt Porn, Amateur, Amateur Lesbians, Anal Creampie, Anal Probes, Anal Sex, Babysitter, Big Ass, Big Cock, Big Things Cum in puny Packages, Big Tits, Big Wet Butts, Bisexual, Bizarre, and Black. There are more actually, but I guess it’s too much to mention. So basically, the categories aren’t like your usual ones because they include not only common categories, but they are also categorized by awards, of which earns huge likes from me because, who doesn’t like to watch award winning porn right? Now about the good stuff, we got the bonuses. So you get 60 sites right off the bat. Yeah, I’m not playing with you. That’s exactly the number you’re getting. 60 sites are what you will be getting! Now let’s check out the what else you’re getting in the next paragraph.

Actresses & Vids

Now let’s talk about stuff that really matter! Roxy Jezel, now that girl was fucking hot. Saw her suck 3 cocks while getting fucked by two behind her, and that’s just one of the many awesome girls in this site. If you’re familiar with these girls I’m sure your eyes would go berserk. Ava Devine, Missy Monroe, Mika Tan, Tiana Lynn, and Haley These girls earned the highest rated porn stars here in Spermglazed. Another girl by the way is Niki Blaze, that girl sucked off four guys and all drenched in spit and cum while tities bouncing all over. It’s just stunning to see that. All videos total to 50,000 videos all. And the quality is superb. With 10,000 gigabyte worth of download content, you won’t find yourself looking for other sites any time soon!

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  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $7.45/month


Spermglazed lived to up to its name. The girls here don’t mind getting glazed. But that’s not the only thing that makes this site shine. With Bonuses going up to 60 sites, it’s no surprise this could get popular very soon. The video quality and content is also way over the top. I would recommend this site over other sites because of its features and bonuses. So if you’re looking for a site to settle in without any more regrets. Then this site is the site to be! Spermglazed gets a score of 10 stars!

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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