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Let’s be frank with each other, why males wouldn’t enjoy watching a beautiful, handsomely endowed, busty and sexy amateur girl completely unaware of your prying eyes, lost in her shower while you can feast your eyes on her moist body? Let’s admit that whenever we get the opportunity to sneak and watch a naked woman in a shower, no matter how hard or dangerous it might be to watch, the opportunity will be availed, enjoyed and cherished at all costs! If you are someone who is passionate about voyeurism and gets an intense and hard erection simply by watching actual, real-life women taking a nice long shower, ShowerSpyCameras is truly your erotic heaven. With an Eastern European outlook and setting, this website mainly features gorgeously, stunning, sexy, pretty and average looking women taking showers. The fact that these women are completely unaware that they are being filmed makes this site all the more exciting and fun, unlike all those professional porn sites that feature fake and artificially made-up porn stars faking orgasms using the showerhead, at ShowerSpyCameras you get to enjoy the real-life spying experience with actual, amateur women. This extremely naughty and wickedly perverted website is run by a girl named Laura, who admits to being “probably the most perverted girl that you’ll ever know”. Laura’s favourite pastime and hobby are to hide cameras in all such places where women are likely to take off their clothes, and they can be filmed by rubbing and scrubbing their busty body parts, from beaches and swimming pools to showers and locker rooms, Laura has made sure she has covered everything. Laura is not only kinky and wild, but she enjoys helping others have some excitement and fun, even if she is willing to put it all the effort, and by planting some excellent quality cameras in the showers, Laura has done all the voyeur addicts out there a huge favour. Laura assures all her clients that, “not a single one of these girls know they are being filmed” and she whole-heartedly agrees that indeed, this is the aspect which makes this site so wild, erotic and in her own words, “makes it so much more dirty!” From benches, locker rooms to showers, swimming pools and beaches, Laura brings you a rich and wide range of exciting variety featuring beautiful and stunning, amateur women indulging in a carefree and engrossed shower, completely unaware of the fact that she is being spied on let alone filmed!


Shower Spy Cam has an incredibly simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate website design which makes sure that your screen isn’t flooded with an uninteresting advertisement, spam pop-ups or other viruses. Within seconds, you will figure out how to work your way through all the huge and regularly updated libraries in this excitingly amazing spy website. ShowerSpyCameras has some innovative and modern features which allow you to find the perfect video to get your juices flowing using the efficient sorting options, advanced search and content tags, which let you filter your search and optimize your results. Upon entering the website, you will be welcomed to a home page, which also the member’s area where you can access the index pages for each and every scene and video collection. What’s truly amazing and innovative is the fact that there is a slider at the top of the website, which is basically bringing you headlines of all the daily uploads, the most recent uploads, the most popular scenes and what you need to stay tuned for. You will also be allowed to rate the scenes you have had the pleasure to watch, and in case you simply can’t seem to get enough of a video featuring this amazingly hot and handsomely busty girl, you can add it your favourites and watch it whenever you feel like. With new exciting videos coming in each day, you have access to an unlimited and infinite supply of videos featuring real life amateur women showering and bathing. The exact position or location of the camera has not been mentioned or figured out yet, however, at times, you can feel it still and static in one place while in other cases you can also see the camera moving around and changing angles. It can be hidden in somewhere in the locker rooms, showers, benches, beaches, swimming pools and all other places where women shed their clothes off without any pretentions or fear and loose themselves in some nice, long and thorough bathing.

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Laura has uploaded 707 videos so far, and with each passing day, the number of her uploads grow and her libraries of incredibly hot, steamy natural and real life amateur shower spying scenes expand to add new naked women whenever she can get the chance. Do you know what makes these videos truly enjoyable, immersive and fulfilling? The surprising and delighting fact that each and every single video has been shot using an excellent, superior quality camera. The women in these videos are the real delight and the best gift so far from our naughty Laura, from some sizzling hot fitness freaks and beautifully busty women to regular, averagely attractive, everyday women, this site lets you spy on an unbelievably huge variety of new butt naked women that range from blondes, brunettes, redheads, blacks, Asians, Ebony, Latinas and many more. Truly, isn’t this your secret voyeuristic dream come true?

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ShowerSpyCameras is your ultimate Voyeuristic fantasy land, where you can go on as many crazy and wild spying rides as you want! You can not only enjoy streaming these videos in a flawless and amazing HD format but also, you can get high-quality downloads in the MP4 format. There are videos made by six different cameras, and there are also some recordings for you to enjoy. The content in each video is exclusive and unique, and has not been copied from anywhere, but filmed right from the original location. In addition to shower and bathing scenes, Laura occasionally uploads scenes from the changing rooms or the beach.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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3 stars
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