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Exotic dolls can really make you get aroused, and what about exotic males, too? Yeah, this time it is the Japanese that I am talking about, and specifically, I want to be met half way there, which actually means shemales. Oh, yes, pretty, cute Japanese faces, tight bodies, too, and huge dicks to boast with.


This is a top notch site, and you can see that right from its design, as it immediately falls into notice. The home page itself is designed in a way that will keep you there, with that giant sliding image of the shemales, the captions on it, and the arrows keys which allow you to change the images yourself. The masterful design can be seen once you start scrolling down, where you see the bright red color of a red banner, where all the perks of the site are stated, to be mentioned later. The background of the home page has mountains and your typical cherry blossoms. The previews are captioned and you can comprehend from the captions what is going to happen in the videos. The site has a friendly interface, to guide you to the videos in a flash, not to mention that it has no lag, so that you can surf as much as you like and open as many videos as you can at one time. Furthermore, it is optimized for the mobile devices.

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Surfing the pages of the site, from the comfort of your bed, makes for an even better experience, even more so when you have in mind that you get to see the best of both worlds, the cute and cuddly faces, the innocent looks of the girl part, the boobs, as well, the tight and wonderful bodies, and of course, the huge dicks. Now, there are a lot of scenes that you could see on this site, from the dick sucking, to the ass fucking. I don’t know what’s better, the cute, tight girlish asses or the manly dick that will just scare you with its size. Using the advanced search bar, you are able to find any video that you might want to, and that is just another part of the technicalities that you might not notice in the heat of the moment. I loved the way that the shemales fuck one another, seeing them lie on the side, one fucking the other in the ass, while at the same time stroking the dick and the boobs of the other. The fact that the videos are in full HD is what makes the videos even better, that you can actually see the details in the close ups, that anus getting filled with jizz. Apart from the full HD quality that you can see, you also get to enjoy the fact that the videos are downloadable, and you can also stream them. Streaming is available in different qualities, and you have unlimited downloads of the videos available to you. With over 700 movies that keep being added to the roster, and over 775 picture sets, you have a lot to download.

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  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $69.95


Join in the fun, and visit Shemale-Japan, to have yourself a blast of cum, with the good looks of a girl, those innocent faces, the super-hot bodies and the nice boobs. They love fucking and sucking dicks and they will do it frequently, for your pleasure.

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Video Quality
5 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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