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QuebecProductions presents a great collection of French porn that will drive you insane.

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Canadian-French porn has always been my kind of adult entertainment. It is passionate but not overly complicated, simple but comes with all of the necessary toe-curling elements and if I was told to add anything to it, I would not know what because the action is perfect just the way it is. French porn is always good porn and I must say that we highly appreciate the opportunity to be part of such pleasurable encounters once again. Through QuebecProductions, we have been able to learn to be well prepared when indulging in French sexual encounters as the girls are most obviously over-qualified for the job. Their looks and their level of horniness are most definitely incomparable. If you are a softcore porn lover then I suggest you take the exit, this hardcore site may not be the best fit for you.

QuebecProductions has been a faithful adult site in its provision of hot content. As a DVD site, it definitely needed to stand out and needless to say, it does that perfectly well. Owned by the biggest porn company in Canada, this porn site represents fun-filled sexual encounters, a full house, and everything in between. The site is definitely meant for staunch porn lovers, not those who are dibbling and dabbling in hardcore for the first time. This is because the rawness of the content may shock you. The site contains highly perverted scenes that are indulged in by the biggest names in the American and Canadian porn industry. You need to be sexually brave in order to contend with these girls.

QuebecProductions also goes to show that sexiness is power. You do not have to look far to get liberated, these scenes will do just that for you. The sexual encounters on the site basically revolve around pussy/cock action and lesbian encounters. This means that QuebecProductions is available for all and sundry to enjoy. The adult site will make you realize your worth in entertainment as it does not deliver anything less than the best. With only 37 scenes and 36 photo galleries, the site is not the thousands of scenes entertainment portal that you may imagine but it clearly focuses on quality over anything else. Besides that, the fact that these are scenes from a whole production lets you know that you will be receiving more updates in no time. This only means that there is a lot to be excited about. The language that is used on the site is not Basic English but French. This is understandable because Quebec is a French-speaking country. If you know anything about the sexiness of this language, it should motivate you to sign up for this platform, not hinder you in any way. You can muddle through the site without any problems even if the only word you know in French is ‘oui!’ Quite frankly, the content is much more important than any language barrier. The site basically focuses on quality rather than quantity. This is highly appreciated as all of your viewing moments will always surpass all of your expectations.


When you first log into the site, you will be able to enjoy a slideshow that features all of the naughtiness that goes on inside these pages. The navigation on the site is simple and flawless. QuebecProductions has found a way to present its content in a systematic manner thus, you will get easy access to all that is on its pages. The entire site comprises relevant information that will guide you throughout your tour. The great design comes in handy, especially in terms of making the most of what the site has to offer. The videos are of excellent quality and they are tagged with enough information about the performers too. Getting to know about them simply involves clicking on the preview scenes. There is also a model index that is waiting for you to explore. You will be excited about the tour as navigation is total bliss.

Actresses & Vids

QuebecProductions has outstanding models. They are sexy Canadian and American porn stars who are freaks under the sheets. They know what they want and they simply get it. Vyxen Steele is most definitely a star that you have seen in many American adult productions. The fact that she ventured out into Canadian porn speaks volumes about her talent and skills. She effortlessly blends with the rest of the porn stars and if you look closely, you will think that she is the leader of the pack. Kendra White, Tera Patrick, and Kelly Summer also make an appearance. This only shows you that QuebecProductions had the main gender of picking the best porn stars in the business, regardless of whether they were Canadian or not.

Some of the sexy Canadian girls are Elizabeth, Caprice, and the luscious Nikki Lips who always looks sexy in her fishnet stockings. A few porn stars already understand the true value of plastic surgery as they have enhanced their looks in an amazing way. They opt for normal sexual encounters, lesbian porn, and even amazing threesomes. The porn stars take on role-playing perfectly. For instance, Alyssa Lauren and Amanda Moreno pretend to take on cooking classes with the sexiest chef that you have ever laid your eyes on. The girls clearly have something else in mind as they appear for the session dressed only in sexy underwear. As they learn how to knead the dough, they rub their butts and hands down the chef’s body. Obviously, his cock gets excited and he gets a boner that he cannot keep down no matter how hard he tries. The cure he seeks is a hard fucking from the girls.

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QuebecProductions will thoroughly impress you with its quality, level of expertise, and talent. These are the main factors that make the site successful. Although the content is limited, it is stocking up quickly as this is a growing site. Sign up and it will delightfully surprise you every time.

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Video Quality
4 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
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2 stars
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2 stars

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