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Spanking is a kind of corporal penalty practice in all parts of the world. The practice involves striking someone’s buttocks. Generally, spanking can be done with an open hand or with the use of the paddle, belt whip or almost anything. Parents commonly spank their offspring in response to undesirable behavior. This is what PunishedAngels is all about. While good girls will be awarded because of the good things they’ve done for the day, bad girls will go to the room and someone will spank their asses off. If you are curious why such angels earn spanking, it is because of the fact that you deserve a break and see them as they scream out so loud because of pleasure.


The site is all about hot beautiful chicks spanking whipping and slapping. Unlike the normal spanking you’ve typically seen on the streets or at home, the action features nude asses and pussies you surely want to lick. There are also using sex toys like dildos and other 25 fetish bonus sites you might also want to check out. If you like to see sexy girls get spanked until their asses turn bright red and laying the smack down, then this site will suit your lusty pleasure. They deserved to be spanked because they’ve done something naughty. At this moment there are more than 30 videos available. The videos are available in different formats such as windows media player and iOS. The site is fully responsive that quickly fits any mobile devices like smartphones, androids and tablets. All the spanking scenes have high and low bandwidth videos that can be viewed online or you can also download them as much as you want. Each scene has more or less than 30 minutes time frame. There are also high resolution photos that allow you to see every detail of the scene. The site features slide show projector which enables the member to sit back and enjoy as the images will automatically scroll on their screen. The fun part of the site is that as soon as you log in, you will witness lots of rosy asses got spanked and you will also see a little bit of peek on their pussies. However, those pictures are not available for downloads. Navigating the whole site is quite easy and user-friendly. The very dark line color and background compliments each other to emphasize those asses get spanked. The very best feature or content will be added to the top rated page sections based on the user ratings. You don’t have to worry about membership fees or some sort, the site gives you a free instant access to trial. There are also free special offer if you want to go into the premium membership. The site is pretty much clean without any porn advertisement sites. The navigation bar offers personal BIO page that tells the member why those angels were spanked. You can get close and personal to Chelsea the spank master. As you become a member, you can have access to bonus materials through the big command button at the top of the navigation bar. The Fetish Network lets you watch over 25 fetish sites including BDSM, Spanking, Caning, and Smothering in the wildest jam-packed action.

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You can watch the videos in two different formats when you’ve decided to watch them on streaming instead of downloading them. For fast internet connection you can use the high 1500 kbps format while if somehow you’ve got a bad signal or internet interruption you can use the low 700kpbs format. You can view them in MP4 with high quality where the videos excel the quality in bonus package offering 25 sites. The content of the site features in not exclusive, the videos are pretty good in MP4 format. Hence, if you want to see an angel get spanked, you can watch her almost instantly, As of today, there are more than 30 videos. The good news is that they are updating their movies and scenes on a weekly basis. The best thing about this site is all the girls are really good looking. The only problem is that they are naughty which is why they deserved to be spanked with hair brushes, paddle, ping pong racket, by hands and a lot more. The site is a girl to girl content which is really suiting according to most horny guys pleasures. Natalie just wants to have some fun shopping and borrow her sister’s credit card. Little did she know, the card ran with big bills which make Ariel her sister gets mad about this matter. Ariel was furious as she saw her credit record. To get even, Ariel spanks Natalie’s ass until it turns reddish. Ariel takes her clothes off including her panty and begins to strike Natalie’s ass. Annabelle is schedule for her ballet recital, but she is not in the mood today and prefer to stay home. So, Madam Zola decided to discipline her by spanking her ass with the use of her hair brush. Poor Annabelle, if only she obeyed Madam Zola and not being stubborn about the recital. Lucky you, you will see how Zola disciplines Annabelle until her ass turns into a red.

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Naughty girls must be spanked and as a member of the PunishedAngels community, you deserved to witness them. All in all, the site is pretty amazing about its concept. The images and contents have great features and the bonus package what really makes the site enticing for everyone. All of their faces are picture perfect especially when they show their asses. The action never stops since these girls never learned their lessons. Too bad you are not the one who’s going to discipline them.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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