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I want to say welcome to all the readers. Well, I’m not the type to beat around the bush, so I’m just gonna spill the beans right from the start. This site will beat any other porn site that specializes in hardcore out there. This pornsite has got features that will blow you up. The site is called PropertySex. It is sponsored by Vixenx. It’s about having wild fucking hardcore sex with Real Estate Agents. Now we’ll be talking a whole bunch about these agents later because I know that’s what you’re after, but for now all I can say is… Mia Khalifa is here. Surprise! Well this site has got a whole lot more than the world’s top pornstar. It’s got Live Cams, member promos and more. So I bet after hearing all those you might be gearing up to register. But hold your horses for a moment. It’d be such a waste if you become a member and not hear all I have to say. Who knows, you might find something in this review that’s fucking juicy and would probably miss out if you didn’t know. So relax, sit down in your most comfortable position and let me feed you all the hot stuff that’s surely gonna make your nights the stuff of legends. Because this site is bound to get the next spot in the world’s top porn site.


Let us talk for a bit about the website people. The Homepage for instance. It is literally overflowing with a whole lot of videos. Left and right, up and down, all the most popular videos from this site is shown in here. I know you’re wondering where the latest ones are but we’ll get there later. Oh just so you know, all the stars you see under the videos, well their how the popularity are being rated. More black stars, means its more popular. But what’s really mind boggling is the flash animation. You see, all these videos will keep playing their previews continually. So you’ll have a very good picture of what’s happening inside those videos and you don’t have to open them one by one just to be sure. The convenience of it is just amazing. I also love the design of the site. It is fashionably decorated with black, white and blue, it has this kind of formality in it. Now if you try watching videos from this site, let’s so you’ve found your most favorite video that makes you cum EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME.

To save you the hassle of having to look for it again, this site developed an Add to Favorites Feature. It is designed to allow you to create your own category with ALL the videos you’ve learned to love. Very nifty feature right there my friends. But if I were to mention the best feature that this site has, then it’ll have to be the Live-Cam Shows. Man, seeing these girls getting deprived of the “Time-Out” mercies is really satisfying because there’s no escaping the Live Shows my friend. There’s no way they can do that. They’ll have to endure the dick of their customer until he’s fully satisfied! Now if you’re wondering if this is all there is from this site, then you are gravely mistaken. This site is sponsored by VIXENX for crying out loud! If you’re a member here, you get free access to ALL THEIR SITES! Now that is an offer I can’t dare to deny!!! Also, it has fully optimized its site to suit well with all your mobile devices, so surf on my friend. Surf on. With unlimited streaming and unlimited download privileges, it’s all smooth sailing from here on out!

Actresses & Vids

The women in this site are very beautiful and sexy that you can just stare in their eyes for minutes and not grow tired of it. For real. I’m not sure where they found these ladies, but it would easily convince you that they might really be Real Estate Agents before they became pornstars. The attitude and wit that they give out during the dialogs are very charming. But when the fucking starts, it’s all hardcore from here on out fellas. Even Mia Khalifa’s enjoying the hardcore. I don’t know what is it about that porn star but she really performs well from this site. Considering that fact that she has done a lot already, each video she does is both unique and stunningly amazing. I think she might also be one of the reasons why people would storm to become members from this site. But other stars in this site won’t fall behind her as well.

Check out Ada, and Angelica Kitten if you’ve got time, you’ll realize how challenging these girls can get. About the video statistics, well this site has a decent amount of videos stored inside it already where all of it are 100% exclusive. So once you’re a member. It’s all gonna be new to you. I know you might think that you’ve seen it all. But totally not here. Downloads are unlimited as well, the formats are 720p, 1080p, 480p, and 360p. Streaming quality is so fast that it can stream up to 1080p resolution for all the viewers.

Definitely the most awesome premium porn site with class-A adult videos


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Now for the verdict. What else can we say? This site has practically owned every element there is for porn. The quality of the videos is very big. The content amount is very numerous as well. The performance is nothing to question about. And the single fact that the awesome Mia Khalifa is here should be convincing enough. Considering here reputation, she won’t easily join a site if she knew it was good enough for her. The instant access on the free sites also takes the cake on this one. I would recommend this site over any porn site out there. The Idea of a Real Estate Agent succumbing to sex just to convince the customer is the best idea I’ve seen so far!

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5 stars
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5 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
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4 stars

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