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The OutdoorJP is where you can find your favorite Japanese AV idols, going through some hardcore sex, and having some really fun times with their partner. In case you like Japanese girls, this collection might prove to be a really good choice, especially if you consider the bonuses you can get here as a member. As a hardcore porn site, the OutdoorJP is a quite good compilation, which started back in 2010. It’s not an old site as you can see, and this also makes sure that the videos here are not ancient, and their quality is more up to date. The updates on this site are quite regular, and you can expect to find a new scene added every other day, so a weekly 3-4 videos are guaranteed. During the time of our review, the OutdoorJP offered over 680 scenes, so it’s possible that when you see this, the site hits the 700 videos’ mark. The site has a whole lot more for you. Since the OutdoorJP is a member of the AllJapanesePass network, you get a full access to all other sites of this network too. The 21 sites of the network are all offering the members Japanese porn, and if you enjoy watching cute Japanese chicks, you might find yourself overwhelmed with pleasure in there. There are all kinds of porn in there, and you may enjoy here softer niches, just as some of the much harder ones, including fetishes, BDSM and group sex scenes.


The OutdoorJP has multiple good features, though the tour on its own isn’t too rich. You can watch the pictures of the home page, which isn’t much, but as you can see on them, the content is quite hot. Fortunately, we can say that the picture quality also represents the videos’ quality, so you can really get the picture about what the site can offer you. In the members’ zone, you can reach the content of the site really easily. There is a search engine implemented, which will be quite useful, because all content is carefully tagged and categorized. The main menu is the gateway, where you can reach all aspect of the site, including the live cams and the favorites’ library too. If you want, you can easily change the site you are browsing, by selecting from the dropdown menu. Every video of the OutdoorJP can be viewed in the browser, and if you prefer this method when it comes to online porn, you will be glad to see that the stream is good, and the quality isn’t bad. Naturally, the downloadable videos have the better resolution, so you might want to download them if you care about quality. MP4, MPEG and AVI files are available, though the newer scenes have more modern file types. The site is rather a videos only page, but if you wish, you can browse through some hot screen caption galleries. As a member on the OutdoorJP you get access to the mobile site too.

Actresses & Vids

The OutdoorJP has a large collection for you to browse, and almost all videos feature different girls. In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex, and you prefer Japanese models over anything else, you will surely spend long hours on this hot site. The girls you can find here are all professional models, or as they refer to them in Japan: Adult Video Idols. While most of these hotties are experienced porn actresses, you can always watch as the freshest, most gorgeous girls are misbehaving in the great outdoors. And though there are people who think that Japanese girls doesn’t have too much to show on their bodies, they are quite foolish instead. Just as you take a look on the large banner of the site, you can see that here are tight bodies for one thing. Also, there are some pretty busty chicks among them, the tour on the site can show you that too, because you can rest your eyes on thumbnails with girls with actually hot breasts. For example, just take a look at Rui Akikawa, who is busty, cute and has a really nice body overall. If you think that these chicks will be all the same, you are really mistaken. The girls here are all amazingly hot, and they always have something on them that makes them different from one another. The OutdoorJP’s collection consist of scenes coming from Japanese DVDs. However, you should note that the Japanese adult video movies are usually quite long: they go on for 2 or even 3 hour, so the scenes of these are quite long too. For example, the aforementioned model, Rui Akikawa has scenes of 33 minutes, but there are also shorter, 22 minutes long scenes with her. This portal offers the members hardcore porn, shot in outdoor environment. Exploring the collection is a really satisfying thing, because these videos are made in really diverse places. Open the site, and see for yourself. What the AV Idols do is always kinky, and that’s the case with the mischievous acts of these girls too. They get banged on the beach, in the forest or in the park, the places are always risky, but they do it nonetheless. These videos are almost all one on one scenarios, and you can’t find here any outdoor gangbang or bukkake. Nonetheless, the scenes are good to watch and the sex in them is varied, and highly entertaining.

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  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $39.95
  • 3 months $77.95
  • 1 year $116.95


Since it’s professional porn, you can expect to find here a large collection of videos which feature hard elements and full-scale professionalism. All kinds of hardcore niches are covered, but if you don’t find your thing in these videos, you should go for the network sites. As part of the AllJapanesePass, the OutdoorJP grants you a full network access, and that’s a really good thing to have: more than 20 sites with original – mostly uncensored – Japanese porn is quite a good deal for this price.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
3 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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