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MyDirtyGf will give you some real amateur content that you will surely appreciate.

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The thing with modern porn sites is that some of them focus more on the eye candy, and less on the quality of the porn itself, and you end up with a ton of professionals who love to scream, moan and do crazy things, while the orgasms remain fake, and you end up with no pleasure at all. That can be annoying sometimes, and that is why I turned to the amateurs, My Dirty Gf, where Markus and Nicky fuck one another and film that, for their and your pleasure. The site also has a variety of content, as well as bonus sites, and you should definitely check it out.


If you want to see a good site, then this is the one for you, as it has both the aesthetic part that you want to see, and then the previews, as well as the user-friendliness that most of the sites lack. I love the image at the top of the page, as it shows some of the stuff that you get to see, in other words, the two of them, in some kinky poses, as well as a description that will guide you to the site and its files.

You will also find an essential menu bar, and that bar includes buttons that will take you to the following pages, the members’ area, the joining page, the previews section, as well as an area where you can upload and submit your own videos. They do not go directly to this site, but to another one, where you can later view it. The site also has something which I adore, and that is a speedy response. All of the videos load immediately, and what is more, they also have no lag at all. What I also love is that the site has a mobile version, one that is even better to use, given how it enables you to take your content with you, wherever you go and is as speedy as the desktop one.

Actresses & Vids

This site has a lot for you, starting from the content that you can find as soon as you join. The two of them are amazing to watch, as they love fucking, to the point where orgasms are inevitable. They not only love fucking, they love fucking one another, and since it is only the two of them in the videos, you can enjoy that private, intimate, passionate feeling that they share, whilst having hardcore sex. Not only are they crazy about good sex, but they film it in the most interesting locations, that is, wherever they please at that moment. They make the videos interesting, too, as they film them with a good camera, and you get to enjoy the level of detail that makes thing even clearer.

They have over 24 videos, and they are all amazing, and have various lengths, too. You can stream or download them in the MP4 and the WMV formats. The site also has over 2000 photos, which you can download in the ZIP format. And with the added bonus sites, that is, 12 of them, you get a variety of stuff to enjoy, and for a cheap price of one site, as well as all of their content, available to you, for downloading.

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  • 2 months $39.95
  • 3 months $49.95


This is an amazing site, one that you will enjoy, regardless of your preference for porn, if not for the lusty couple that loves hardcore sex and spices it up with their own moves and passion, then for the bonus sites that you get, that is 12 of them. The site is called My Dirty Gf and you will enjoy everything on its pages.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
3 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
2 stars
Number of pornstars
2 stars

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