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Awesome gay porn site, MatthewCamp is certainly worth checking out if you love to see stunning porn actors in mind-boggling gay sex. The main model, Matthew Camp, rolls out his personal xxx collection to show off his lavish adventures with hot and stunning men. Back in the days, he used to work as a go-go dancer in New York. He was spotted by a porn producer back in 2013. Since then, this dashing New Yorker hasn’t stopped until he earned a reputation for himself as a gay porn model. Today, Matthew is one of the most in-demand xxx actors and he has a massive fan base which encouraged him to launch his very own porn site.


His official website is pretty simple and it has a straightforward approach. Right away, you’ll see him getting dirty with dashing porn actors. There are video thumbnails that would automatically play on your screen as you go through them. The scenes are fucking hot and you can only agree that Matthew knows how to do his thing.

There are six sample videos on the homepage that show how Matthew enjoys his time with different men. If that’s not enough for you, there is an option to view all of his videos. You’re fortunate as Matthew Camp allows you to enjoy lots of free scenes, even if you’re just a guest. But as always, to get the best of this dashing gay actor, you have to become a member. Once you do, rest assured that Matthew will take care of you and your horny needs.

Since the videos are homemade, expect to see some jostling. However, it is not a turn off as it serves as a proof that the actions happen naturally. Matthew uses no script –he just follows what his horny heart and body desires. Furthermore, he films the fucking sessions in his POV, an act that would make you feel as if the fucking sessions are just happening right in front of you. Matthew is also great with words and his dirty language would turn you on even more.

The site’s simplicity evokes a very welcoming atmosphere. There are sorting tools that are just enough to give a smooth browsing experience. The videos and photos can be browsed in different pages. Furthermore, this site is compatible with mobile devices.

Actors & Vids

Matthew Camp is an American porn model who was raised in California. When he grew up, he moved to New York, where he landed a job as a go-go dancer. Given his dashing look and oozing sex appeal, it didn’t come as a surprise when a porn producer asked him to star in a porn documentary. Having discovered his passion for gay sex, Matthew went on and fucked almost every man that came his way. He just feels so happy when there are hot men around. What makes him even more admirable is that he can do both parts when it comes to gay sex. He can give handjobs, rimjobs, and blowjobs and receive the same.

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Do you love to see hot men kissing and licking each other? If you’re into cock worship and cock riding, then you should really check out MatthewCamp. This popular gay porn model has decided to share his private life in public. Using his handheld camera, Matthew presents the hottest gay fucking sessions you’d ever see in miles around!

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