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MassageFlix provides an exciting collection of hardcore massage porn videos in high quality. Enjoy some of the hottest massages that you have ever watched.

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Many sites provide great porn contents, but there are some which have exceeded all limits and provide the most genuine and awesome porn that you can find. One such site, called MassageFlix, is something you should seriously consider. In the videos on MassageFlix, you will witness a girl and the guy having a strong and genuine orgasm, you will hear sweet moans of pleasure and satisfaction permeating everywhere. Those trembling and shaking bodies will give you the ultimate satisfaction of watching a slut experience orgasm, while you experience your own. The out-of-this-world ejaculation will satisfy you thoroughly.

MassageFlix is a unique site in the massage porn niche that will give you a different perspective from the multitude of porn videos you have been watching all this while. MassageFlix will help you get the most out of the videos and pictures available. Of the many sites that specialize in this niche, MassageFlix stands out prominently. However, if you are considering jerking-off to massage porn, there is nothing more suitable for your needs than MassageFlix, and your penis will get to know this. MassageFlix is presented by Fantasy Massage, an adult entertainment company specializing in massage porn videos. Continue reading the review if you want to find out more about MassageFlix and why you should subscribe to its services.


On accessing the site, you will realize that MassageFlix has put an immense effort to provide you the right porn experience, that you have always been craving for. Not only is the porn tasteful, but the design has been so well thought out that your focus will be on the content only, and nothing else. The design of this site is both intuitive and sensual.

Let us start with the colour scheme, which we find very tasteful. The key colours used are black and purple, and these colours give a taboo kind of feel to the site. This aesthetic look for the site adds to your porn viewing experience, because they are pleasing to the eyes, especially the purple on the black. Black is unobtrusive and adds a mystery element to the porn contents. Against a black background, your porn videos are prominently visible and your focus ends up on the porn only, and nothing else. Think of this as a cinema hall. Isn’t the hall dark when the movie is playing? Your focus is only on the visual feast placed in front of you, and nothing else. That’s the effect MassageFlix brings to the table.

The layout gives enough emphasis on functionality as well, as is evident in the way the various elements are placed. The various sections of this site are easily accessible through a set of tabs, one for the videos and the other for the girls. This is essential to a satisfying porn experience as one does not wish to be scrolling through hundreds of videos to find what they desire, wasting time navigating the site rather than focusing on the preferred content. All in all, the layout of this site is going to ensure a great sexual experience for you. In addition to the colour scheme and awesome design, there are 1000s of photos and videos to enjoy in 1080p full HD quality. There are over 200 porn stars who can give you the best time of your life. You can also contribute to the growth of the site by submitting your fantasy idea. Who knows, the next video made could be your fantasy idea.

Actresses & Vids

There is a lot that you are going to love about the girls that are available in the videos, but one thing that stands out is their incredible performance in the sex. The outstanding girls on MassageFlix are not only hot, or good at doing their jobs, but they really enjoy their experiences on camera. Watching these women makes you realize what true sexual ecstasy is. The girls are diverse, and come in all sizes, shapes and ethnicities. They have excellent bodies with super-soft skin and texture.

When you look at them, you will desperately want to rip the clothes off their bodies and fuck them royally. Their breasts are perfectly shaped and sculpted. Round and firm, you will want to grope them all night. Their perky nipples are meant to be sucked, and that’s what you will do. Twisting and kneading them will make the chicks go wet. Their pink pussies quiver when massaged, and when the slut moans, you will penetrate her with your cock till both of you climax together.

The videos are equally diverse, and you will find threesomes, foursomes, Nuru massage, reverse Nuru massage and lesbian massage porn videos. All videos have a simple premise. A client, be it male or female, visits a massage parlour to have a relaxed session. A male client is massaged by a slut, while a female client is massaged by a hunk or a slut. After a brief introduction and explaining the massaging process, the masseur or masseuse get into the shower with the client, setting the mood for the massaging session. After the shower, aromatic massage oils are applied and the body massaged.

Male clients experience a hard boner, which is clearly visible through the towel. Female clients moan when their nipples are kneaded and twisted, breasts massaged and pussies tweaked. With adrenaline rising, it is time for the sexual intercourse, and a mind-blowing sex session follows, ending with the slut getting a cum facial or swallowing the cum. Such awesome porn videos can give you nothing but the best jerk-off sessions. If this is what you are seeking, then head to the conclusion.

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  • 3 days $2.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $22.98/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month


Without a doubt, you can depend on this site whenever you are in the mood for a jerk off session. The levels of arousal displayed by the women are unbelievable, making you realize what you have been missing till date. MassageFlix offers a very affordable monthly subscription rate, and if you subscribe for the long term, you will save a significant amount of money. If you get hard from uncontrollably horny and sexual women in their elements, then this is the site for you. So, subscribe now and enjoy.

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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