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Imagine two guys bringing each other hard because they have finally gotten the opportunity to fulfill their coital desires. Imagine them sucking each other’s cocks and giving up their assholes to be pleasured in every way, shape and form. Imagine big cocks dangling on your face, giving you the liberty to do all that you can with them. Imagine… MaleFlixxx! As one of the longest-exciting gay porn sites, MaleFlixxx has been a faithful provider of porn content for over 16 years.

It is a video on Demand (VOD) site that you truly desire. It offers hardcore gay sex at its best and presents thousands of films and models to entertain you. This is the single platform on earth that you can be sure that all of your fantasies come true. It does not matter if you have been dreaming and wishing for some deep throat sex, an unforgettable fellatio or wild handjobs and threesomes, MaleFlixxx will treat you to all that you have ever desired in bed. It does not matter if you are straight, gay, bisexual or sexually fluid, you will find a home on this platform.

The concept of entertainment on MaleFlixxx is truly simple, it is one that guarantees you erotic pleasure and entertainment when you want it. The site’s library is massive and why should it not be? Especially because it comprises of flicks from a well-known studio such as Cardinal and Falcon. If you have been looking for an entertainment portal that only gives you what you can handle them this is truly it. The site features movies that were produced even in the 1970s. This goes to show you that MaleFlixxx values good flicks and it prides itself in heritage and legacy even in good porn entertainment.

Need I say more? MaleFlixxx is an entertainment portal with one of the biggest porn libraries. It does not matter if you want to see Twinks, muscular jocks or bodybuilders; you will find them all here. The models are from North America, European, Asia and all other countries of the world. Ebony models also make a play for your attention here. The flicks are top-notch in quality and highly entertaining. The scenes feature jerking off and lots of masturbation-something that has been brought to you by the MaleFlixxx partners. The site does not come with any bonus content but what the collection gives you is more than you can be able to handle. The wide range of sexy beasts will thoroughly entertain you.


For a platform with 35,000+ scenes, it is quite hard to imagine a great design and easy navigation. Well, on MaleFlixxx, you will be able to enjoy both of these two things. The scenes are part of the 8,000+ DVDs that make up the site’s collection. The flicks can be enjoyed in average and top-notch quality and they are all decent in size. The viewing formats include the use of Microsoft Silverlight, Window Player and streaming in flash format, renting a movie allow you to watch it for 24 hours. This means that you have enough time to masturbate.

If you are an inactive user for a period of six consecutive months, your account is automatically disabled. However, this is nothing to be concerned about because we can hardly be able to keep our eyes off the handsome males on this platform. There are 3,900+ photos sets to enjoy and all of them features only the hottest performers on the collection. All photos come with a large watermark showing that they come from an existing studio.

Actors & Vids

The one thing that is of utmost importance to the site MaleFlixxx, and that is to ensure that you spend time with the hottest pornstars in the business, are the models. Handsome faces and bodies that are to-die-for will be gracing your screen, time and time again. Watching them, so flawless in their craft will be the best part of your day. Their faces will always resonate with you even if their names do not. Usually, they are part of hot threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs and all manner of sexy acts. They are ready and willing to treat you to whatever floats your boat.

Models like Nick Marino, Lace Luciano, Pedro Andreas and Dak Ramsey among others will be happy to entertain you and make you cum. There is no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy all of the different ethnicities and nationalities that steal top spots as part of the models’ roster. Do not be afraid to try out new things together with them because these models are not slowing down for anything in the world. They are the epitome of entertainment because they will motivate you to spend all the time that you can with them. These guys are not afraid to cross boundaries and they do it so delightfully well. The site’s collection is made up of jocks and Twinks alike. Sometimes, jocks fuck jocks but when they truly want to dominate, they lure Twinks into their trap of promiscuity.

All of the men have big, long cocks that almost burst with pleasure at the sight of a bare asshole. They get overly excited for all the right reasons. These models with blonde hair offer cum to dark-haired studs, showing the kind of diversity that MaleFlixxx has in store for you. The cocky boys are the most interesting threesomes that you will ever see. They fuck each other at the same time and they take each other to cloud nine and back. You will most certainly enjoy being in their company.

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The videos provide everything that you have ever sexually imagined. The scenes are decent in quality and they offer many entertaining moments. Do not be afraid to drive in and find a flick that will appeal most to you as good entertainment is always lurking around the corner when it comes to this site. Sign up today!

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
5 stars
Number of pornstars
5 stars

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