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It is said that one of the most appealing ladies in the world is a Latina. Well, we believe it and we also think that they are not just beautiful; they are one of the sexiest as well. If you think so too, if you share the love of Latinas with us, then allow us to introduce you to this porn site that we are going to write about today. This porn site is called Latina Sex Tapes. And you have guessed it right; it is definitely filled with some of the most beautiful Latina ladies that we have ever seen. Another thing that we have like about this porn site is that it is a hundred percent amateur porn submission site, which means that all of their content is all real and submitted by their members. Hence, the site’s tagline says “hot and horny amateur Latina girlfriends caught on video. Latina Sex Tapes is part of the big porn network, MOFOS. The MOFOS porn network is made up of seventeen porn sites in total and offers over two thousand videos and almost two thousand girls as well. Latina Sex Tapes alone already guarantees countless hours of down and dirty action. And what we love about the porn site is that it is amateur porn! Here, you get to watch genuine videos that are not carefully scripted and done inside a studio. The girls here did not make these videos and performed the sexual actions on cue with a lot of equipment and production crew around them within a controlled environment. The ladies here did everything, no holds barred, because they truly enjoy getting horny and having multiple orgasms. All of the videos that you are going to find on Latina Sex Tapes are all exclusive as well. This is one of the things that we love best about this site. Other amateur porn sites have repetitive videos, where the scenes that you are going to find on one site, will more or less be found on the other as well. But don’t worry, the members who have submitted their videos on Latina Sex Tapes have all signed an agreement restricting them from submitting the porn videos that they have already submitted here on other sites. Speaking of video submission, the porn site is also free to receive videos from anyone – even from you. If you think you have a wild and sexy video or photo involving a Latina lady, then you can submit the video and let it be part of the Latina Sex Tapes collection as well. To ensure the quality of the videos that they feature on their porn site though (and we will talk more about this later on), your submitted video must pass a review first, but once it does you will be reaping the benefits in cash. Sweet, right? And one more bit of information, they accept different kinds of formats: for videos it can be in MOV, MPG, AVI or MP4; if it’s an image on the other hand, then it can be in JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. If you would rather watch the videos that others have submitted, though, then allow us to provide you with their membership details. There are three membership plans for you to choose from, a one-month, a three-month, and a twelve-month period. What the porn site suggests though is that you should definitely opt for the twelve-month option because it is their most popular choice and gives the biggest discount. Finally, if you still haven’t decided yet, then you can also choose to sign-up for a two-day trial instead with a minimal fee.


Let us now move on to the web site design and features. Honestly, the website design of Latina Sex Tapes is very fun and appealing. The overall look is bright with a lot of fun colors, and they made it look like you are in a tropical paradise while you are there. Upon landing on the porn site’s homepage, a banner will welcome you and it is filled with the different pictures of the best women that you will find on the site. Aside from the banner, though, the entire look of the site is pretty simple and basic. In fact, after the banner, what remains of the page are all just the thumbnails of the videos that you will be able to watch after you have signed up for membership. The thumbnails are so compact that they don’t even offer any information about the video. All you are going to see is the picture of the most action-filled scene in the video, and that’s it. You won’t even find a title. Hovering over the thumbnail, on the other hand, will only show you an invitation to view and play the video being presented on the thumbnail.

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Some of the most endearing traits that we have found from Latina girls are their fun-loving attitude. They look like the most fun bunch of ladies that we have ever seen on porn. They are very beautiful too. Their beauty has a certain strong character. They don’t look weak, just sizzling hot. And their skin is a gorgeous natural tan. Finally, their long dark hair is an absolute turn on any day. What’s more is that we are on an amateur porn submission site, which only means one thing: there is a seldom repeat of girls! Every single video, there is going to be a new Latina to take a look at, so they definitely have a good supply of beauty and hot bodies here. Now as for the videos, remember when we talked about the video review above? Well, we really appreciate that they are very picky on the videos that they accept because we haven’t seen one ugly girl here – just all crazy sexy and gorgeous ladies. So thank you, Latina Sex Tapes for doing an awesome job at that. Also, because of their review, the video quality of the scenes that you are going to watch here are really good as well. You are not going to find grainy videos here, that’s for sure.

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  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $17.99
  • 3 months $19.99/month
  • 1 year $9.99/month


At the end of the day, Latina Sex Tapes is definitely one amateur porn submission site definitely worth looking at, especially if you love Latinas and amateur porn. We really enjoyed our stay here and we really believe that you will too.

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Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
4 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of pornstars
4 stars

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