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There are dozens of cartoon adult sites on the internet but not many of them have been able to make an impact as Insane3Ds a site that has only been in existence for two years, Insane3D has impressed the world with its level of finesse and its expertise in content provision. On the site, we have laughed moaned, groaned and even had so many aha-sexual moments. The kind of impact that the cartoon characters on Insane3D have on you is unexplainable but this is the beauty of the site; everything about Insane3D is unexpected. The creative artwork shows the expertise of those who are behind the site. The scenes feature a number of shemales proving that whether they are cartoons or real-life characters, they will conquer the world of adult entertainment. There is also movie reenactments that may be interesting to you. Watching your best movie actor getting back into character in the kinkiest of ways is highly captivating. Those who love mythology and femdom will also find a good footing on this site. 3D porn is surely one of a kind, therefore, you should relish every moment that you are able to enjoy what Insane3D has to offer. The content is 100% exclusive and you will not be able to catch a glimpse of these movies on a similar internet platform. The scenes are only meant for those who are full members of the site. There is a lot to enjoy and Insane3D in-house production company has proven that it keeps its promise of entertainment. The animation characters on this site will give you a one-way ticket to the land of erotica and you will never return. A land where mutants and monster exist has always been known to be a highly dangerous one. Most of the time, we run away from the action. Ironically, Insane3D will have you running towards the action. It is not every day that we see these beautiful characters fuck beautiful faces with the biggest boobs or you witness rough fucking ventures between these characters. Therefore, Insane3D will give you all that you need and much more. On this site, entertainment and your viewing pleasure is on a high. This is the type of site that will catch you off guard because you never know what to expect, especially if you are a first time visitor. Generally, the site will prove to you that there are no limits to what fantasy can bring. You will love the high quality 3D art. The sharp and high resolution images make Insane3D outstanding especially with the new half of the collection. The detail is on point, most especially in regards to the girls and their sexual positions. This may be the first site to center its action on the gallery and picture sets. There are a few videos here and there, but they are only a few seconds long. On other sites, they would qualify as previews. However, we are not complaining because they are spectacular. All the images are exquisite and it is clear that they have a story behind them. You will be highly engrossed in the action that you will hardly know that video scenes are missing. The site has a library that is regularly updated. The number of pictures sets vary in each gallery but you can count on an active update schedule. The images are of the same resolution and they can be downloaded a zip file.


Insane3D home page is the epic-center of the site. This is where everything goes on. As a member you will get to know about the latest news and offerings. There is also information about ‘coming soon’ content. Paying great attention to the members’ area will ensure that you do not get left behind in regards to all the latest happenings of the site. There are a variety of categories that will allow you to enjoy the content of your choice. You can take a free tour to find out what the site has in store for you and even learn more about the creatures through their profiles.

Characters & Vids

The sexy animated women on the site have a lot to offer you. They do not have to try hard to please you, they will simply captivate you at first sight. Haunting in a good way, they will make you remember why they are mystical creatures who will always be the objects of your desire. They display a ‘human’ side that makes them go wild with sexual excitement, thus conjuring the name of the site. There are those who are comical characters and those who love female domination and BDSM. You can never be prepared for the sensual stimulation that they are ready to go bring to you. The women comprise of shemales who love getting down and dirty in the naughtiest way. On the short clips, you will see them at their best. They not only get nasty with the guys but also with the girls in order to culminate into the hottest sexual experiences that you have ever witnessed. Some of the animated women are simply strange creatures that are hard to put a finger on. Even though they are presented as monsters, they try their best to be loveable. They are shown to be sucking cock, receiving anal sexual encounters and generally relishing in a bliss of orgasm. Ugly or pretty, it is evident that you do not need living and breathing porn stars in order to get a hard on. These ones do the job equally well and in no time, you will learn to look beyond their faces and value their skills as they are one of a kind.

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Insane3D is as wild and crazy as it gets. The site has not failed in the delivery of top-notch content despite its short existence. Although it still needs a little development, you will find it easy to get around. As far as the content is concerned, the pictures will give you all that you need.

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5 stars
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4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
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4 stars

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