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The name of the site – HotBFVideos gives a clear idea of what this piece of the internet is all about. No girls, no wet pussies, no flabby boobs, no lesbians; just pure, raw, and amazing fucking between guys and hunks with solid muscles and the biggest of cocks out there. It’s a site fully dedicated to all those who love super gay fucking, those who love to see huge cocks on display, and those who cannot jerk off without the sight of a monster cock dazzling them. It is indeed a site for all and sundry; male or female, lesbian or shemale – everyone would find this site really pleasant to use every day. It’s the most glorious site fully dedicated to all that stiff hard cocks of indescribable beauty. The dudes paraded in these videos are simply amazing, creative, and very talented. And to think of the fact that they are not trained professional porn guys even makes them more exceptional and splendid. These are everyday dudes who walk down our streets, who ride powerful bikes down the road; guys who place bets in the pub, guzzle down pints of beer in the café, and ordinary dudes who just enjoy life as it comes. It’s incredible to find out that our everyday, ordinary, easy going neighbor is a super stud when it comes to displaying of huge cocks for the world to see, just as it is amazing to see that the ordinary lawn guy can possess such a mighty cock under his pants. The spontaneity, the rawness, the originality, and the authenticity of these videos completely set them apart from all the junks we see called porn videos. While others are scripted and hugely dramatized, all the thousands of videos lined up on HotBFVideos are 100% user generated and user submitted, no costumes, no director’s call, no scripting, and no retakes. The videos come in raw as captured by the hunks that star in them. Except for the need to bring them up to international standard and ensure that they are fully compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, nothing would have been done to enhance the quality of these movies. The editors at HotBFVideos simply clean them up and upgrade them to international standard – but without cutting or adding any scenes at all. This factor makes the videos on this site super authentic and original. And that makes it the only porn site that lives in a class of its own. You can never get bored or tired of viewing these breathtaking and dazzling stunts pulled in these sex videos. The jizz spewing, the fast handjobs and heavy cock jerking, the group anal sex, the romantic anal drilling scenes, the super display of wonderful huge cocks, and mesmerizing self-shot scenes that would leave you speechless are some of the stuff that makes this site stand out from the rest. There are tons of videos featuring Jocks, hot twinks, huge hunks, beautiful ripped lads, amazing bear guys, hard muscled mature men, and so much more diverse guys from all around the world to thrill you and make you enjoy a great time. Guys from Asia, America, Europe, and other places are here in abundance. No matter the size or color of cock you desire to look at and kick-start your jerking off session with, you’ll find here in plenty abundance. Indeed, there are porn but HotBFVideos completely redefines what we understand by user generated and user submitted porn sites. There is indeed none closer to the great shows you’ll find here. It is the ultimate; the last bus stop for all BF and huge cock lovers.


With the utilization of technology, creativity, and unrivaled quality, you are sure to see nothing but the very best of hard and long cocks ever shown to the world by amateurs. This site utilizes the best and most advanced web design technologies to create something special, something extraordinary, yet very easy to use. The user is welcomed to the site by a fantastic collage featuring dozens of thumbnails which are actually still shots from the full length movies inside. Just a click of any of these would take the user right into the massive vaults of incredible BF videos like never seen before. Also, the site has been fully modified to be compatible with any and every mobile device in town. iOS smartphones, Android mobiles, diverse tablets, and all other operating systems, media players, and mobile devices would easily play or download these videos at the click of a button.

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Awesome homemade videos that rival professional porn movies sure do deserve the space to showcase greatness to the world. Without HotBFVideos, we never would have known that the regular Jones’s and Adam’s we work and play with on our streets are some of the baddest of cock fuckers the world has ever seen. This site has finally provided a platform for amateur dudes who think they have something to prove concerning their huge cocks – to come on stage and show the world another kind of adult entertainment. Since its inception, mamas, MILFs, office girls, and campus chicks – as well as cock loving guys, in their thousands visit the site every day. This is a testament to the awesomeness that this site provides. It is indeed the ultimate place for the convergence of the hottest, sexiest, and boldest amateur guys with the largest and hardest cocks on the planet.

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HotBfVideos exclusively for those who want to see something fresh, raw, and real. With all the time, energy, and resources expended to make this site great, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not registering. So, get on board and join the teeming users as they all swim in unbelievable excitement, all day long, all year round!

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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3 stars
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3 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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