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HornyBirds it’s the ultimate site that showcases the very best of blending partying and hot sex together.

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When you mix a bucket of canned booze, heavy speakers booming loud music, plenty steak and barbeque, loads of condoms, hot chicks, and fine hunks in a room, and let them run wild, what you would get in return is breathtaking and nonstop sex orgy and the wildest party ever seen. It is pictures and videos of events like these that HornyBirds present for your viewing. This is the only site in the world with so many dazzling party fun and nonstop fuck fest that would thrill you beyond measure. Whether it’s recorded on campus, or after-carnival party, promotion party, birthday stuff, get-together, or whatever the occasion is, you would find it here on HornyBirds.

These videos show some outstanding fuck scenes, some awesome beer gulping, and amazing sex swapping games of the highest quality. The bitches and sluts seen here are amateur people not trained in the art of television sex, yet they surpass what professional porn models can even think about. The way they handle their booze, the way they kneel to suck the hugest of cocks, and the way they present themselves nude for onward banging makes the videos so appealing to watch. There are so many standing fuck positions, plenty anal banging from behind, loads of pussy drilling, and the most extraordinary gang fucking ever seen. Gang bangs of the best kinds happen when the proportion of genders are not evenly spread, when there are more males than chicks at the party, or vice versa. Whatever the case, it’s thrilling to watch several dudes wait in line to get their huge hard cocks sucked by the few damsels available; it’s a crazy and erotic thing to see them display thus.

With no beds available, the few couches become spots for competition. But most do not even need the couch. A corner by the indoor bar, a corner on the floor, or even just holding on to the table is enough to set up the most incredible fuck positions for these fellows. And sometimes, the horny angels of HornyBirds take their parties to the lawn in the backyard. Here, all hell is let loose as they engage in the craziest and most stunning fuck fest ever imagined. And if there is a swimming pool to add to the show, things get even crazier and out of control. The splashing, the underwater sex, the erotic caressing and massaging with water, and so many other amazing stunts they pull outside make the whole thing even more special. Eventually, it’s not about the birthday cake, it’s not about the bottles of wine or cans of beer; neither is it about the loud music and wild dancing; for these crazy people, it’s all about the opportunity to express themselves with unrestricted and uncensored fucking like never seen before. And to spice it all up, they add a camera to the fray. Leaving a camera by the side to record all their wild antics is the height of these sex orgy sessions.

Coming together to review the sex tapes offers so much pleasure makes them plan to do it all over again soon. But watching together cannot be compared to having their badass and wild sex parties seen and talked about by millions all around the world, hence, the quick decision to post them on HornyBirds for all to watch and enjoy. This is the ultimate purpose of recording such crazy sex exploits on camera. It is indeed the most terrific means of enjoying the best of hardcore and unrestricted fucking among a group of friends. With such videos coming in plenty abundance, editors and site administrators at HornyBirds have their jobs cut out for them, cleaning the videos and bringing them up to international standard for the whole world to enjoy from. This way, the videos of HornyBirds can be available to all and sundry irrespective of their regions or devices they use to access the internet.

Indeed, HornyBirds has made it possible for us to see the wonderful escapades that go on in wild campus parties and birthday parties around the world. Whether it’s recorded in Europe, America, or Australia, you would find it here. Whether it’s recorded with a camcorder or advanced smartphone, this is their home. In other words, so far it’s amateur, so far it’s hardcore, and so far it’s about partying and wild fucking, HornyBirds would be their eventual home; guaranteed! HornyBirds is designed for those who love to see real chicks and hunks bang each other in the wildest ways possible, without the acting, without the dramatization, and without the choreography. At HornyBirds, it’s all raw, spontaneous, original, and 100% authentic.


HornyBirds offers flexible subscription to users in a bid to accommodate everyone. So, no matter how much you have in your card, you still have the opportunity to get access and enjoy breathtaking videos from HornyBirds. Users are completely protected from card frauds and all types of internet scams that are common with other inferior sites. This way, you can be guaranteed that you would be safe in all your dealings with HornyBirds. All the videos are in HD and can be converted into other formats for onward download into mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Actresses & Vids

Since the videos and pictures are user generated and submitted, you can expect nothing less than stunning and real chicks getting banged in the most incredible parties from all over the world. Campus divas, simple neighbors, new interns, new graduates, and a host of other fun seekers appear in these exciting videos. The explosiveness seen is large because the characters are strictly amateur and not professional actors and actresses just making a living out of porn dramatization. They are spectacular and simply breathtaking.

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Truly, no party is complete without some hardcore gang fucking going down. This we now know from the amazing user submitted videos we see on HornyBirds. To enjoy even more party orgy and fuck fest like never seen before, get on board today and register on HornyBirds.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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4 stars
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4 stars
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