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In the past with clunky video cameras, it required a real pro to capture some really genuine voyeur rendezvous. But with the passage of time and the advancement of the age, numerous spy cams and cell phones came in contact with people thereby making the job a lot easier. But despite all these inventions half of the voyeur sites which I have come in contact with, appear to be a set up rather than being genuine. But there are some websites who promise genuine stuff and make it a point to give it to their viewers. One such website is the Hidden Zone.

The website presents unique contents of unsuspecting sexy ladies by capturing the entire footage using hidden cameras. In the website you will find nude girls tanning on the beaches or pissing in public washrooms. You will also find hot girls in groups removing their clothes in showers or locker rooms. You will get ample pictures and videos of these hot women stripping and exposing their sexy bodies without even them knowing about it. The guys and crew who are responsible for shooting the videos and pics do their work efficiently and with their prying lenses no place is safe.

The website has been recording private moments of couples for the last ten years and because of their quality of contents they have managed to draw a fair number of fans. The concept which Hidden Zone deals with is quite popular among the people. After all, what better fun is to watch someone who has the slightest idea that they are being spied! The collection which you will find in the website is the largest I have come across.

Most of the videos are in wonderful video quality and as you visit the website you will find the clips which are updated every single day. This is another thing is impressive about the website. There are several websites who do provide some wonderful contents but because they do not bring in regular updates, they are not able to attract large number of viewers. But this website is different and gets updates regularly. The website is also quite appealing and is extremely easy to navigate even for one that is not that much equipped with working over the internet.

The website has all the options at the top of the home page. The last time I checked there were about 10900+videos and about 38900+ pictures of people doing all kinds of stuff- public nudity, up skirts and also outdoor sex. The quality of the videos is in HD formats having clear resolutions and clear audios. The website has a very amateur feel about it and this is in a good way. In the bonus section you find additional links of A Magazine and Private Love. So if you are a fan of hidden footage stuff, then set up a membership account immediately. Now that you have a basic idea about the website, let us dig a bit deep into the other important aspects of this porn portal.


The website is quite cool in its navigation. The contents are lined up properly in front of you and at the top of the home page you will get all the menu bars and navigation panels lined up in orderly fashion enabling you to access the website effectively. You will also love the design of the website and as you enter it you will be greeted with a wonderful screen saver displaying some of their latest footage pictures. The website is also compatible with a host of operating systems such as Windows, Android and iPhone OS enabling you to visit the website and log into your account using your handset. The website is optimized for mobile devices.

Speaking about the membership, it can be done in a few simple methods. Firstly you will have to visit the sign up page and as you do so, you will find that there are some empty spaces which need to be filled with personal information. That same page will have the subscription details. The packages appear to be manageable and so choosing the one which suits you and filling the blank spaces with the relevant information you can submit your account set up request. As the request is dispatched, the website will send you a notification confirming that your request has been successful and from there itself your account tenure will start. You will be able to check out the various contents which are available in the website from that point itself and in order to pay off the subscription you will have to cater to the credit card payment mode.

Actresses & Vids

Off-course it is a bit difficult to write everything about the demography of the women in the videos. You will find almost anything and everything in the videos– from Italian moms, busty cougars, fresh hot American girls and many more. The locations also vary from indoor locker rooms or showers to outdoor beaches or public spots. The videos are superb in quality and most of them are shot with advanced spy cams to give you a wonderful viewing experience. You can watch all the videos online thanks to the streaming online feature, and as a member you can rate and the comment on videos. The lengths of the videos also vary.

The pictures though play second fiddle to the videos have their own charm. Most of the pics are available in 3264×2448 pixels and all of them can be downloaded in zip file format. The videos on the other hand can be viewed online using the website’s in built flash video player as well as by downloading it on to your desktop, laptop and also on your tabs and smart phones.

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The Hidden Zone is a wonderful voyeur website and if you are fan of spy cam niche you will find your stay here; a pleasant one. The subscriptions are easily affordable and in the bonus section you get links to two other websites. The updates are also well chronicled and the download speeds are also impressive. You will find no shortage of contents and so the favourable thing would be to set up an account as soon as you can. You are sure to get the true value for your spent money.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality
4 stars
Audio Quality
4 stars
3 stars
Number of videos
4 stars
Number of girls
4 stars

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