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The HelplessTeens is a heavy hardcore porn site, which offers you rough sex in Full-HD videos. What takes place in these videos shows how dark the human nature can be when it comes to using girls like a toy. Heed our warning: if you are cute porn starlets, remember these faces, and don’t get into the car of these guys. This site is part of the FetishNetwork, which means that you can fulfill all your dirty needs and desires as a member. Apart from the weekly updated collection of the site, if you become a member here, you get access to the whole network. This means that you will be able to browse more than 40 porn sites, featuring only kinky and fetish porn. If you are into rough sex, there is another site that you should pay attention to: the BrutalCasting features mostly the guys you can see in these videos; these well-hung fuck-machines are doing really outrageous things to those girls. There are multiple femdom, feetdom and BDSM sites within, so if you have a fixation, take a look at those sites, because they probably feature it. All scenes of the HelplessTeens are exclusive. They were produced with the sole purpose of adding to the site, which means that you can’t find them outside this network.


When you land on the tour page of the HelplessTeens, you will see right away what this site is about. There is well-made picture serving as a heading, and whoever made it he (or she) knows how to summarize a site’s nature into one photo. Under this picture, a menu is located, that will get you to the list of the network sites and to the live shows. Other options will be available if you register, but let’s see what the tour has to offer. The main feature of the free tour is that you can watch trailers of the latest three movies which are listed on the first page. You can also browse through the updates, but those don’t offer previews. Fortunately, once you log in, you will land on the same page and there is no change in the design nor in the layout. The menu however becomes useful, and it will grant you some extra options. You will be able to go to the page where you can request your own personal video, the live shows are also available. Under the Our Videos you will find the videos’ list, while the Our Sites will show you links to the included sites. For navigating through the collection, you can use the search engine, which grants you model’s name or keyword based options. You won’t really need to use it, because the site is rather new, and offers only 27 videos (but keep in mind that there are weekly updates). The movies here are available for online watching and for downloading. If you have a good machine and a fast internet connection, you don’t have to compromise quality for performance. In-browser watching offers the original quality of the videos, which is 1080p. The player seems to access the actual MP4 files that you can download, so if you find the online playing to be not your thing, you can save the movies for yourself. As an extra feature of the videos, you can bookmark them for later viewing or downloading. The site is a videos-only one, so no picture galleries are available here, though some screen captions are featured on the videos’ page.

Actresses & Vids

The models of the site are professionals, and they know exactly what’s going to happen to them. All hot stuff here is either professional, or just a semi-professionals, who decided to go straight for the darker side of the industry. The HelplessTeens has its material shot in the United States, and the chicks in the videos are also originate from the States. However, as you can see there aren’t only the cute Caucasian girls here, but some busty Latinas also make an appearance. Maybe one of the most common thing you can see about the girls is that they have something on them that has been upgraded. One of these things are their lips you may notice. However, if you watch all the videos, you will see that a few of these pretty fresh models already have her tits corrected. Don’t worry though, their appearance fits the age-range that you can read in the site’s name, so you can fulfill you nasty fantasies. Now, when it comes to acting, you will see that the girls are not exactly actors. The talk naturally however which is a good feature in porn videos; that makes the whole thing look more realistic. This is important because the videos are usually scripted and they are staged… since why would a cute girl in shorts and full make-up wander around the plains alone? The basic situation of the videos is really basic. The girls are lots, they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is the point when this guy with this wan comes in. Some girls may find him handsome, but frankly, this dude is just shady. Nevertheless, the girls get in and he starts riding. Here comes a boring part of chit-chat, which turns into dirty talk at one point. The girls have to show their tits and lady-parts. In the next moment the guy makes them deepthroat his cock, and fucks them really badly in the back of the van. At least when he is done with them, he doesn’t drop them off to the side of the road.

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The HelplessTeens will make you really horny if you are turned on by watching videos which feature cute fresh porn starlets going through a really rough pounding. All movies here are staged, so don’t worry, the girls are fine and well. Rough sex is a hot niche nowadays, and this scenario which tells that the chicks are totally dominated by the guy is a popular story. If you aren’t looking for this scenario, but you are interested in rough sex, you should take a look on the included sites’ content.

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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